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3 Tips to Equip your Team to Achieve your Church's Vision

3 Tips to Equip your Team to Achieve your Church's Vision

Help your team perform and rise to the occasion despite increased responsibility and demands on their time.

I've had the privilege of working with several incredible church leaders with teams who are passionate about the Gospel and serving their communities.  I've watched them work tirelessly on complex issues and creatively to produce big events.  I've also seen a lack of training or certain skills hold them back and prevent them from reaching their goals.  That breaks my heart for the staff, the pastors, and the people they're trying to serve. 

As your church grows, many team members will grow in their leadership and technical skills along the way.  Others, however, may struggle with the increased responsibility and competing demands on their time.  As you realize team members aren't performing at the level required, here are three tips to help them rise to the occasion. 

Tip #1: Learn as a team

Assign your team a book to read each month or each quarter.  Discuss a few chapters each week at your staff meeting and have one staff member assigned in advance to lead the discussion.  Select books that deal with the skill gaps you see on the team such as leadership, time management, communication, or volunteer management.  By having this part of your team meeting, you'll get a chance to process the information together and hold each other accountable to implement what you've learned.

Tip #2: Send your staff to training

If a team member needs to enhance a specific skill such as learning a new software tool, have her research training courses and work together to select one that will meets her needs.  These courses can be online or in-person and are offered at a variety of price points, so there are lots of options out there. 

Tip #3: Attend conferences

There are several great church conferences available as well that your entire team could benefit from attending.  Conferences provide exposure to leaders who've overcome the challenges you're facing and want to share their lessons learned with you.  Conferences also provide a chance to talk with people from other churches and learn from their experiences.  Find out what they've done that's been successful, run ideas by them, and stay connected after the event.  We're all in this together as the Church and should take every opportunity to learn from and help each other. 

If your team has the heart and the potential to succeed but not all the skills required, it's time to take action.  Invest in your team and help them increase their leadership capacity and technical skills.  If they're already bought into the vision of your church and have the potential to develop, then the choice to help them grow is easy. 

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