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Texas Church Lights Up Campus Using Environmental Projection with Hitachi

Two new CP-WX8750W 7,5000 lumen laser projectors were added to its existing AV setup at Current, located in Katy, to create an environmental projection solution along with fashioning video experiences to accompany each week of the series.

KATY, Texas -- Members of the 1,500 person congregation that meet at  Current, a Christian church, on Sundays are familiar with the church’s mission to create a warm and welcoming environment for members and guests alike. Thanks to Lead Worship & Creative Arts Minister Evan Schwartz, and his team, each service is equipped with a full AV setup, including the Hitachi CP-WU5500 5,200 lumen projector or the CP-WX8750W 7,500 lumen projector.

Current produces five different church services each week, between its two venues on campus. Current Live, with a 500-person capacity, provides guests with a dynamic, large venue experience, including a full band and professional-quality audio, while services at The Source, the small venue, with a 170-person capacity, enjoy a more acoustic, café style service.

In order to give the congregation in Current Live a full experience during its latest four-week series – called “The Science of God” – Schwartz and his team decided to purchase two new CP-WX8750W 7,5000 lumen laser projectors, to add to its existing AV setup. With the new projectors, the church designed an environmental projection solution and began creating video experiences to accompany each week of the series.

“With the two new projectors shooting across the room, we now have 150 feet of media coverage from left to right,” said Schwartz. “Before we acquired the new projectors, we had an LED wall setup behind the stage and a projector on each side for videos and also to help lead the congregation during sermons. Overall, we are very selective about when the extra projectors are used, to create an environmental projection, because we want to make sure that those moments really speak to the congregation. It’s been a really fun project to work on.”

The setup configuration in The Source is similar to that in Current Live, so volunteers can easily serve in either facility and quickly become familiar with the system. The biggest difference between the two venues is that instead of an LED wall with projectors on each side, The Source utilizes one CP-WU5500 with its main center screen, along with two CP-WX8750 projectors mounted on either side. And while the music style is different between the two venues, the sermon is live streamed from Current Live to The Source every Sunday.

To complete the installation, Schwartz worked with the church’s long time AV distributor, Shepherd Multimedia, to ensure that the church understood its needs and that the product solution would work.

“Shepard Multimedia is an authorized retailer for Hitachi, and they recommended the brand to us,” said Schwartz. “I knew that Hitachi had a great reputation and that its projectors are exceptional quality and value. We never really looked at anything other than Hitachi for the new projectors, because when you’ve got equipment that you can depend on, why change it?”

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