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Portable LED Video Wall Provides Wow Factor for Turning Point Church

Portable Church Industries designs a custom portable video wall solution for church’s first video venue satellite campus

Turning Point Church, located in McDonough, GA, desired to extend their ministry reach beyond what a church can reasonably accomplish through one campus. Covington, GA, a town 20 miles away from the original campus, was chosen in which to plant a new campus in the Peachtree Academy school’s gymnasium. While the gym had a stage built into one side with some audio and lighting equipment, the church would need to augment the school’s systems to meet the level of production sophistication set by the original church campus. Portable Church Industries (PCI) of Troy, MI was enlisted to help design portable systems that would be easy to set up and tear down on Sunday mornings.

While amongst the equipment chosen for this portable campus is an Allen & Heath digital mixing console, D&B PA system, an MA Lighting lighting control system, and Chauvet Professional lighting fixtures, it’s the portable video system that really stands out in this church campus plant.

“Our first campus in McDonough created a standard with regards to the use of technology,” says campus pastor Ronnie Kinsey. “We wanted to keep that standard high, and we wanted to add some ‘wow’ factor for those coming to our campus for the first time. To that end, we challenged PCI in developing an LED video wall solution that would be portable and easy enough for volunteers to set up and tear down each week.”

PCI developed a truss system from which the support structure for a sixteen-foot by nine-foot Chauvet F3 LED video wall would hang, and three custom cases to transport the panels. The truss system is supported from the stage floor via two towers which utilize a crank mechanism for raising the truss. Four volunteers work together to quickly install the top row of LED panels, and then the truss is raised to make room for the next row, repeating until the LED wall is complete.

“Our team can set up the video wall in 32 minutes,” states Kinsey, “which is really impressive. When people walk into our service, the video wall definitely makes an impact—people comment on it.”

Renewed Vision’s ProPresenter is used for lyrics and graphics support for the service, and the message is streamed live from the McDonough campus on a two-minute time delay using a Living As One live streaming solution.

“Portable Church Industries was great to work with,” adds Kinsey. “I tell pastors who call me, PCI makes it easy. They came in and evaluated the space we’d be using, listened to our needs, and created a system that worked with our budget and provided the technical excellence we desired. Their advice on how to utilize the high school for our ministry needs was invaluable. They spent a weekend with us prior to our launch date to train us in setup and tear down. PCI gets five stars out of five from Turning Point Church!”

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