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Yamaha MGP32X

Yamaha MGP32X

Yamaha has been at the forefront of audio console development since we released the PM200 in 1972. Many common features, like on-board compression and mix matrices on lots of mixers can be traced back to this innovation. The MGP32X continues this tradition, providing the best possible sound quality in a familiar layout that allows the user easy operation in a familiar layout. Leaning on digital technology, we have been able to add several exciting features that both the pro and casual user will appreciate.

The heart of the this new console is the innovative approach taken to offer digital technology adding high resolution effects, iPod/iPhone integration and superb functionality of the new stereo hybrid channels. The master section also exploits this digital control and connectivity providing direct digital recording to a USB storage device as either high quality .WAV or more compact MP3 format. Playback can easily be routed from this device as well. The stereo output also has a graphic EQ and a master compressor easily controlled vie either the onward display or via an iOS device using a free app.

The new microphone preamps are discrete Class A, dual Darlington designs originally developed for high-end recording equipment. They provide a fat, rich, smooth tone with plenty of gain, a significant advantage over other mixers in this class. The EQ circuits are Yamaha's proprietary X-pressive analog modeling designs that provide extensive sound shaping capabilities of sought after classic EQ modules. 16 channels of single-knob compression also contribute to the unmatched control and flexibility offered on the MGP32X.

The layout of the MGP32X is open and inviting. A low profile design and new color-coded controls add to the professional feel. Users will appreciate the dedicated talkback microphone input, extensive monitoring capability, 2 mix matrices and even a connection for a gooseneck lamp making the tasks of mixing easier.

To wrap it up, this approach reduces the amount of time it takes to teach a new volunteer to mix a service without compromising audio quality. In addition, it reduces the time it takes to record a service and distribute it to members of the congregation, so the audio team can spend more time with their family and friends after service.

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