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XHD-400 Series Media Server

XHD-400 Series Media Server

The Barco XHD-Series media server is an end-to-end visualization solution offering churches a powerful, yet easy-to-use tool for multi-screen show automation and projection mapping. It offers the power and versatility of more complex projection mapping systems, but is far simpler and less expensive, making it ideal for the HOW market.

The Barco XHD-400 Series media server is a truly end-to-end visualization solution, offering churches a powerful, yet easy-to-use tool for multi-screen show automation and projection mapping in a single box. The media server is a turnkey solution that covers the entire 2D or 3D workflow, enabling show creators to compile and layout different types of content with text overlays, PIP, iMAG, across many sizes and shapes of screens to create a rich and dynamic presentation. For example, a worship service could present a rich, spiritually engaging multimedia show featuring a live musical performance, complete with iMAG of artists on side screens, flanked by a panoramic video stage backdrop to add dimension to the show. All of this could be easily accomplished by a church AV staff member using the Barco media server and projectors, and for far less cost than alternative, high-end show control systems. The XHD-400 offers the power and versatility of more complex projection mapping systems, but is much easier to use and far less expensive than these options, making it ideal for the HOW market. It also offers more flexibility in managing and displaying content on multiple screens, allowing show producers to dynamically change colors, effects, PIP, etc. on the fly directly through the media server, eliminating the need to cycle back through the production phase, saving both time and money. Warping and blending tools make multi-screen set-ups easy, while timeline-based content assembly and design tools allow show producers to create exact simulations for previews, while the web-based interface enables scheduling by non-experts. The result: shows can be designed, programmed and set-up in hours instead of days, even by novice show producers and AV staff or church volunteers with minimal understanding of projection and software. Because of the media server’s ability to efficiently create both 2D and 3D video and projection mapping shows, combined with its ease of use and automated tools, churches can easily migrate from a 2D to 3D environment to produce more sophisticated shows to enhance the visual presentation of their spiritual messaging. As a comprehensive system for show design, creation, setup and control, the Barco media server features a simplified, intuitive user interface which is easy to navigate, following the conventions of today’s popular post-production applications. Content templates and built-in design tools enable fast creation and execution of all video elements to facilitate an efficient, easy-to-manage workflow. The Barco XHD-400 can also produce an exact simulation, allowing producers to test their entire show beforehand, and demonstrate a complete preview to church leadership before the show is actually built. The timeline-based content assembly and design tool enable preview and adjustment of both pre-rendered and real-time content by navigating in a 3D virtual environment and deploying it in physical space, all while staying in a single software environment. This also speeds projector setup and execution, which keeps operating costs to a minimum and further reducing the total cost of ownership.

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