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Worship Lighting: MegaLite Loads Up Features While Lowering Prices

Worship Lighting: MegaLite Loads Up Features While Lowering Prices

A sneak peak right here at what readers can expect from Mega-Lite in the coming year.

One of the main players of indoor and outdoor lighting, as well as environmental and stage lighting in worship facilities is MegaLite.

The company has assisted churches across the nation not only illuminate their facilities, but also showcase their message in a visually stunning fashion.  A producer of professional lighting fixtures for entertainment and architectural installations, MegaLite specializes in LED stage lighting, architectural color changing fixtures and lighting control software. These products not only cater nicely to houses of worship, but also to the needs of theaters, tours, installs and much more.

MegaLite, a subsidiary of Mega Systems, Inc.., is the brainchild of brothers Miguel, Elio, Guillermo and Arturo. Put the first initial of their collective first names together and you get the acronym Mega. This is how the four siblings created the name for their company when they started it 15 years ago.

Located in San Antonio, Texas, Mega Systems showcases its products throughout the United States at various industry tradeshows. The next opportunity to catch them is at LDI 2015 October 23-25 in Las Vegas. At this event Mega Systems will be displaying the latest technologies in lighting, video, control and truss.

If WFM readers cannot take a fall break in Vegas, however, we have a sneak peak right here at what readers can expect from Mega-Lite in the coming year. Samantha Pena, marketing director for Mega Systems, says that the company is excited to feature quieter automated LED fixtures with outputs that rival lamp sources. She also boasts of falling prices and increased features across the board for MegaLite products.

"Our Axis 7D5 is both zoom able and has glass gobos," she explains.

"[Also] our XLED 3007 is pretty unheard of when it comes to features and affordability; it has pixel control, endless pan and tilt, and built in wireless all for less than $1,350 MSRP."

Pena says that built in wireless will become more of a standard feature with MegaLite as the company continues to develop new units because people are becoming more confident using this feature. Mega Lite will continue to push the envelope in the coming year when it comes to availability of standard features. Pena relays some examples of this.

"With our static lights it’s all about higher wattage LED fixtures with no fan or with silent low DB fans. [Also], We will be expanding our lens offering for our American-made Outshine T100 to have more narrow options to serve as a traditional par fixture."

Mega Systems, Inc. as a whole and MegaLite imparticular strive to creating cutting-edge, quality-made gear. According to the company's website, the Research and development department at Mega Systems stays on top of customer needs and wants and creates one-of-a-kind solutions.

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