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VEGALUX by Fluotec LED Fresnel. HALODIM manipulates 8 -bit DMX data into 48-bit The NEBULA, a proprietary optics chamber to more closely resemble a natural light. motorized DMX zoom VEGALUX light output equal to a 1000 Watt fixture but at only 185 Watts. 8 leaf barn door Tungsten and Daylight


The VEGALUX by Fluotec represents an accumilation of experience and engineering overcoming the challenges of solid state lighting technologies. Besides the usual features you would expect in a high quality fresnel designed for video and film production VEGALUX brings two new advances to LED lighting. HALODIM is a software process that manipulates 8 -bit DMX data and converts it into a smooth 48-bit stream. Traditionaly to get “smooth” dimming two DMX channels were used to create 16-bit resolution. The HALODIM processor, in conjunction with the DMX data, creates 48-bit data resolution that mimics conventional dimmers from a single 8-bit DMX channel source. Also the dimming curve logarithm is indiscernible from a filament fixture.

The bit rate is so high that it is not visible to even the highest resolution cameras. Also HALODIM compensates for the slight spectrum shift associated with LED below the 15% operating level so there is no visible color shift while dimming. In tandem with HALODIM the NEBULA chamber solves the “spectrum spikes” usually associated with white LEDs. White LEDs are actually blue LEDs with a phosphor coating, however the phospor is thinner at the edges of the LED letting more of the blue specturm leak into the dominant spectrum. NEBULA is a proprietary optics chamber that does not filter the blue spike but recombines it with the dominant spectrum and evens the overall spectrum to more closely resemble the filament or gas that it was meant to imitate.

This allows for the Tungsten and Daylight emulations of LED to be used without compensation and in tandem with conventional fixtures with no discernable difference. Worship centers record, stream, archive and broadcast videos of their services and events. The common weak point has been the Key Lights lighting the pastor or other main areas of the platform. Using RBGWA fixtures do not offer the specturm needed for broadcast quality for the camera and many LED that are white only are plagued with a blue/green spike in the spectrum. The common solution is to use a conventional fixture ( ellipsodial or PAR ) with a tungsten lamp, however these fixtures do not offer the energy savings and long life of LEDs. VEGALUX solves the shortcomings of recent white LEDs with the HALODIM and NEBULA. Also the motorized DMX zoom, while not a function in typical television studios, is very helpful in the church enviornment where lighting fixtures are not easily accessable. Video picture quality is increased with adjustment to cameras or a major upgrade of video equipment. VEGALUX produces light output equal to a 1000 Watt fixture but only drawing 185 Watts. Includes an 8 leaf barndoor system. Available in Tungsten and Daylight color temperatures.

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