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Training your Tech Volunteers Part II

Get your tech team members networking and meeting together to build relationship and share knowledge.

I talked last time about how one can use technology to make training simpler, or in some cases even possible, at your church. However, it's not enough to just practice; you really need to understand some of the theory behind audio systems. And a remarkable number of audio volunteers don't know the fundamentals. Fortunately, there are some options for this.

First, depending on where you live, there may be a large church nearby with technical ministries staff people who are open and willing to share what they know. See if they might be willing to spend some time with your volunteer team to teach some of the basic theory of audio, lighting or video systems. This can be one of the more cost effective ways of increasing the knowledge and wisdom of your technical ministries team, and most church techies would love to network a bit and get to know other church techies in their area.

Encourage the start of a tech ministries group in your area. Most of the churches in your town, or even county, have technical ministries volunteers. Imagine what could be accomplished for the Kingdom if they started meeting once a month, or even once a quarter, and have different members lead a discussion on something that less knowledgeable members need to know to be more effective.

There are a variety of training organizations out there, and one of the best is Synergetic Audio Concepts. At the start of my taking a full-time technical ministries position with a church in Illinois, I attended a week-long seminar from SynAudCon. I was blown away by what I learned, and it was indescribably valuable to me as a tech person. Now, while most churches can't afford to send volunteers off to attend one of their seminars, they have started offering their seminars online as well for significantly less financial investment. If you have a high-capacity volunteer in your church, suggest they take a class, and then present what they've learned to the rest of the team.

And, of course, Worship Facilities Conference and Expo (WFX), put on by the publishers of Worship Facilities Magazine, also offers some excellent training options once a year.

But of all these options, I suggest working on getting your tech team members networking and meeting together to build relationship and share knowledge. There's nothing like getting to know people who share the same responsibilities and passions that you can call upon in a crisis. As their pastor, offer to buy the group pizza when they meet at your church. Tech guys and gals will usually do anything for pizza.

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