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Source Four Mini LED

Source Four Mini LED

The Source Four Mini LED from Electronic Theatre Controls (ETC) reduces energy costs for houses of worship.

MSRP $ - Available upon request

The Source Four Mini LED from Electronic Theatre Controls (ETC) is a multipurpose fixture that can cover the needs of any house of worship. It is a mere nine inches long, enabling it to fit into any environment without disrupting aesthetics or distracting worshipers. It can also be ordered in white, silver, black or custom colors to blend seamlessly into its surroundings.

The 12-watt Source Four Mini LED uses one-quarter of the power of a tungsten fixture while delivering more lumens. This means houses of worship don't have to sacrifice light output for energy savings. The 35,000-hour long-life LED also makes it ideal for hard-to-reach locations, as it significantly cuts down on the number of lamp replacements as well as general maintenance. The Source Four Mini boasts a minimum 80 CRI and 90+ CRI in the Gallery version. This energy-efficient LED luminaire can help churches meet new energy codes and regulations.

With a 2.5-inch diameter lens, the Source Four Mini LED has stunning ETC Source Four-quality optics, a surprisingly bright, even field and crystal-clear image projection. It can work as a highly controllable detail light with a shapeable beam or a soft focus to draw attention to specific items, such as statues, artwork and architectural details.

The Source Four Mini LED comes in four interchangeable field angles, 19-, 26-, 36-, and 50-degree for a variety of applications. It is available in canopy-mount, portable and track-mount versions that enable for easy installation.

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