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SMP 351

SMP 351

The Extron SMP 351 streaming media processor is an all-in-one box that provides input switching, scaling, PIP processing, recording, and dual streaming of AV signals. It is easy to use and requires no licensing fees, making it an ideal tool for growing congregations to better connect with members.

$4,790 - $8,390

The Extron SMP 351 is a H.264 streaming media processor is a hardware based, high performance streaming and recording processor. It features input switching, scaling, PIP window processing, recording to both USB and internal SSD hard drive, as well as dual independent streaming encoders. These features along with an intuitive interface make it a powerful communication tool for Houses of Worship.

The processor allows operators to send live video and audio events from the sanctuary to overflow rooms, staff offices, satellite campuses, and beyond. Churches can also simultaneously record services and events for archiving and on demand playback (VOD). The SMP 351 is easy to use, with no licensing fees, and low cost of ownership. It’s an ideal tool for growing congregations to better connect with members and the greater community. Effective Switching and Multi-Window Processing The SMP 351 processes two high resolution AV sources from up to five available connections. One of two HDMI signals can be selected from Channel A along with analog or HDMI-embedded stereo audio. Channel A also provides a loop through HDMI and audio connection, which can be passed directly to a presentation display. Channel B inputs support common camera formats including composite, component HD, HDMI, and optional 3G-SDI. Both channels support computer formats from 640x480 to 1920x1200, and video formats from 480p to 1080p/60, with live glitch free switching. These channels are scaled and can be presented as an individual at full screen or together in any two-window display arrangement including side-by-side. Up to sixteen customized window presets can be defined.

An additional background PNG is also supported and can be recalled per preset. The multi-source processing makes it easy to recreate the live experience and provide viewers with greater insight into the event’s context. Dual Streaming Capabilities The SMP 351 offers extensive streaming capabilities. It can stream concurrently while recording at two different resolutions and bit rates from 512x288 to 1080p/30. High resolution, high bit rates can be used to deliver superior quality, presenting video on large screens in overflow applications, while a lower bit rate and resolution can be used for streaming distribution or confidence viewing applications. Streaming bit rates range from 200 kbps to 10 Mbps for video and 80 kbps to 320 kbps for audio.

Both push and pull streaming sessions are supported, offering a range of streaming transport protocols and session management methods. This range of capabilities provides the flexibility to stream from the SMP 351 to a variety of devices in different system configurations and network conditions. AV Recording with Enhanced Meta Data The SMP 351 produces a H.264 video in an MP4 (M4V) container format, which is compatible with virtually any media player. It can record at resolutions ranging from 512x288 to 1080p, supporting a variety of quality, storage, and playback requirements.

Recordings include metadata with selectable fields such as: Title, Creator, Subject, Description, and Date, which makes searching, indexing, and managing multiple recordings more efficient. Recordings include chapter marks and JPEG thumbnails set during recording session for highly efficient searching and scanning during file playback. Recordings are easily made via on board schedule, remote control, or front panel button. These recordings are saved to an internal solid state storage, an external USB storage device, or to both simultaneously. Completed recording can then be automatically transferred to a network storage location for distribution, archive, or processing from a media server. Flexible System Control Options The front panel buttons and LCD display of the SMP 351 provide a simple interface to manage, configure, monitor, and control the unit for daily operation. The SMP 351 also features an RS-232 port as well as network based control, that can interfaces with external control systems.

Additionally, using Extron’s FlexOS, specific triggers and indicators can be defined using four digital I/O ports for automating recording, streaming and more. Control during an event is simplified by the use of layout presets and encoding presets. Source window arrangements and encoding configurations both incorporate many parameter settings that would be challenging to manage independently. Up to sixteen different presets can be saved for source window layouts and sixteen presets can be saved for encoding configurations. They can be recalled easily from the front panel, embedded web page, or an external control system. Powerful Tools for Scheduling, Monitoring, and Management Scheduled events for recording can be automatically importing, either individual or by a centrally managed scheduling system, providing simplified and automated operation of planned events. Network management protocol, and email support can be used to deliver messages to AV and IT support staff when an error occurs such as no signal or when storage is near capacity, allowing proactive service to be initiated. Operational system data is logged continually, identifying recording sessions, storage directory use, file names, metadata, and storage capacity.

This information provides valuable data for evaluating usage patterns and operating concerns. Setup, configuration, and monitoring is achieve using the intuitive embedded web pages. Using a standard browser, the SMP 351 can be setup in a matter of minutes. An HDMI confidence output is also available to confirm and validate all settings. Content Management and Publishing Options The SMP 351 supports integration with Content Management Systems for both distribution and playback management. SMP 351 recordings can be uploaded to systems such as Extron’s SCM, Opencast Matterhorn, Kaltura, iTunes-U, Blackboard LMS, SharePoint, CaptionSync, YouTube, Moodle, and more. These systems provide access to the media through their systems, providing a variety of options to access the content. The combination of two high resolution AV signals, a background image, on-screen data, metadata, thumbnail images, and chapter marks make navigation and playback of SMP 351 recordings from the EMP highly efficient and effective.

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