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Si Performer

Si Performer

Married to a DMX 512 controller, the Soundcraft Si Performer can employ motorized faders and the Soundcraft FaderGlow for a console automation system and flexible automated lighting controller. It offers save-and-recall settings, enabling lighting settings to be built once and recalled as needed.

The Si Performer 2 features 24 recallable mic pre amps (32 on Si Performer 3) plus eight stereo returns, AES in, one 64x64 expansion slot, and another 64x32 expansion slot these expansion slots enable churches to design and manage comprehensive systems to include remote I/O and multitrack recording. The console can manage up to 80 inputs in a mix. Each input channel has dedicated processing for high pass filter, input delay, gate, compressor, and parametric EQ.

All Si Performer consoles have busses and output processing. The 14 aux/group mixes can be configured as 14 mono mixes or eight mono plus six stereo mixes while the matrix mixes can be mono or stereo as needed. The bus and matrix mixes are complemented with four mix busses dedicated to the internal Lexicon FX processors and left, right, and center busses with options for mixing left/right + mono/center or left/center/right. Each bus features a compressor, four band fully parametric EQ, BSS graphic EQ, and delay.

To complement the channel and bus processing, the Si Performer consoles integrate four Stereo Lexicon FX processors based on the MX400, user adjustable parameters, and dedicated tap-tempo keys. As the FX are hardware based, use of all the effects does not affect the processing in any way. All dynamics, PEQ, and all bands of all 31 graphic EQs are available all of the time.

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