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ShurePlus Channels App

ShurePlus Channels App

Shure's iOS app, ShurePlus Channels, enables audio professionals to remotely monitor and control Shure wireless products.

MSRP $ - Free (enhanced control options available for $9.99 per wireless product line via in-app purchase)

The explosion of mobile technology has enabled smartphone and tablet users across various industries to enhance their connectivity and professional capabilities substantially. Whether a team of professionals is coordinating the broadcast of a mega-church service or volunteers are mic'ing the worship team for a smaller service, the ability to address unexpected audio issues is now available via a convenient mobile application.

Introducing its first-ever iOS app, ShurePlus Channels, Shure unleashes an entirely new mobile experience for customers enabling, them to remotely monitor and control such Shure wireless products as Shure Axient, ULX-D Digital Wireless, the QLX-D Digital Wireless System and the PSM 1000 Personal Monitor System. Using the app's user-friendly interface, customers have an opportunity to monitor and adjust critical channel parameters.

ShurePlus Channels delivers timesaving flexibility and convenience. Gone are the days of being tethered to mixing consoles, hardware racks and bulky laptops, ShurePlus Channels offers real-time, precision monitoring of Shure wireless systems from iOS7 mobile devices.

After connecting to a dedicated Wi-Fi network, compatible Shure hardware will be automatically discovered and displayed in the ShurePlus Channels application. Once the app is open, customers have remote visibility into to critical channel information like RF signal strength and interference alerts, audio levels, transmitter battery life and alerts and more.

Through an in-app purchase, users can further unlock the ability to remotely control their Shure gear and make changes to channel parameters. For a one-time $9.99 fee (per wireless product line), crucial receiver and transmitter settings such as frequency assignment, audio input/output levels, channel and device naming and menu locking can be adjusted from an iPad, iPhone or iPod. When combined with ShowLink Remote Control for Axient, ShurePlus Channels enables for simultaneous adjustment of transmitter and receiver settings.

While ShurePlus Channels was created to work as a complement to Shure's powerful Wireless Workbench 6 desktop application, it works just as well when used as a stand-alone solution. For example, users of less complex systems and products, such as the new QLX-D Digital Wireless Microphone System, can leverage the app's functionalities without having to use Wireless Workbench.

ShurePlus Channels puts remote control of Shure's best-in-class wireless systems in the palms of customers everywhere. The app is available globally in 10 different languages, including English, Chinese (simplified), Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, French, German, Russian and Italian. ShurePlus Channels' ability to remotely monitor and control critical parameters in real-time is a value-add for audio professionals in the ever growing church market.

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