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SC810W Unity Architectural Remote Station

SC810W Unity Architectural Remote Station

The Lightronics SC810W wall-mount station is part of the Unity Architectural Remote Stations line. It is a self-contained scene creator that can make and store up to eight scenes, addressing all 512 DMX channels. Each scene has a separate programmable fade time of up to 99 seconds.

The SC810W employs multi-purpose buttons to program and recall scenes. The multi-purpose faders are used to set DMX values when creating scenes and for manual adjustment of presets from 0 to 100 percent. A master fader enables all active presets to be controlled from 0 to 100 percent as well.

No lighting console is required to create scene presets. A lighting console can be used, however, in conjunction with the SC810W. The station will sense DMX from another source and cease transmission until the DMX signal is no longer detected. It will then return to transmitting the active preset.

The station uses LED indicators to identify those presets that will be active or in status modes during programming. An all-off button is provided to cease all operation with a single touch. A subset record button prevents accidental reprogramming of preset levels.

The SC810W fits in a standard five-gang wall box and is supplied with a white trim plate. If used with one of Lightronics' Unity architectural dimmers, the voltage to operate the station is provided by the dimming system. The unit is provided with a low-voltage power supply when used in applications that do not include a Lightronics Unity architectural dimmer. Data and power is transmitted via a two twisted pair shielded cable.

This product enables the user to include a DMX-controlled device into any preset look. DMX dimming systems for house and stage lights, moving lights, or LED lights that operate via DMX can be included in the preset look.

Since no console is needed, even smaller churches without technical volunteers can enjoy the same levels of control enjoyed by larger churches.

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