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Roland M-200i Digital Console

Roland M-200i Digital Console

The Roland M-200i is a compact digital mixing solution takes iPad control to new heights. The Roland USB Connect adapter, wireless LAN, or the supplied multi-pin cable, together with the free iPad app, enable all key aspects of the M-200i mixing and control parameters to be controlled from anywhere in the church. This includes not only the typical Preamp control, pan, high pass filters, and extensive PEQ and GEQ control, but also the ability to store and recall scenes, adjust compressors and gates, and effect editing and other controls.

The M-200i is a 32-channel mixer with 17 motorized faders, eight AUX, four Matrix, eight DCAs, 24 physical inputs, and 14 outputs. The M-200i can also mix in audio sources from the USB port. If you don't have an iPad available, the console is fully controllable via the built-in LCD screen as well as buttons to navigate all the mixing parameters.

The M-200i includes a Roland Ethernet Audio Communication (REAC) port, providing expandability options that include multi-channel playback/recording, remote inputs, and personal mixing system. The REAC port can expand the number of physical inputs by connecting one of the popular Digital Snakes heads, such as the S-1608 (a 16-input, eight-output box, connected via a single, inexpensive Cat5e/6 cable.

The REAC port provides live multi-channel recording using SONAR Essential, which is a free download with M-200i registration. The Roland M-200i also supports the M-48 Personal Mixing System.

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