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To meet the high-brightness of large worship facility spaces, Panasonic offers its PT-DZ870U single-chip DLP projector. This fixed-installation projector delivers high-quality images and 8,500 lumens of brightness and a contrast ratio of 10,000:1. Its 420W dual-lamp system enables a vivid image, and its re-engineered proprietary Dynamic RGB Booster optimizes lamp intensity of individual red, green, and blue colors.

The PT-DZ870 Series is ideal for houses of worship where space is limited. When paired with the optional ET-DLE030 ultra-short-throw lens, it is able to project a 100-inch image from 2.7 feet away. The ET-DLE030 lens is part of a wide range of optional lenses offered by Panasonic.

The PT-DZ870 Series is also compatible with DIGITAL LINK, which enables a single cable to transmit uncompressed videos signals, audio, and control commands up to 100 meters (328 feet). This simplifies cabling and system upgrades, making it ideal for ceiling-mounted and other permanent installations. Panasonic's proprietary Digital Interface Box, the ET-YFB100G, is currently available and can be paired with the PT-DZ870U for DIGITAL LINK connection or used with major AV control manufacturers' protocols without the need for an external receiver.

The PT-DZ870U saves church AV staff time and money on maintenance with a 4,000-hour lamp life (in eco mode), a shielded optical system that blocks dust, an efficient cooling technology, and a dual lamp system. This projector also features a Lamp Relay mode that alternates operation of each lamp to enable continuous use of the projector.

The DLP projector includes a built-in Geometric Adjustment function that expands creative projection possibilities by facilitating projection onto spherical, cylindrical, and other specially shaped screens. Optional software, Geometry Manager Pro Version 1.1, is available for wider ranging adjustments and masking functions.

The PT-DZ870 is portrait-mode capable, with an optional lamp that enables the projector to be rotated vertically for upright images. It is also 3D-compatible, supporting various 3D formats, like frame packing, side by side, top and bottom, line by line, and simultaneous formats.

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