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ProVideoServer is a high-performance video playback server capable of serving multiple streams using broadcast standards, with options to synchronize each video channel. It can accommodate up to four independent channels of up to 1080i video from one system.

This Mac-based software outputs video natively through broadcast-quality output cards (with support for HD/SDI, HDMI, or component outputs) and can utilize a range of commonly used codecs, like ProRes, DVCProHD, MPEG 4, and H.264. All SD and HD video resolutions are supported, and video is resized and retimed on the fly to match the output setting. Real time Video Scaling and interlace/de-interlace are standard.

Channels are purchased on an individual basis as needed. The software is easy to set-up and use and works on any Mac meeting the system requirements. It is even possible to output four HD videos through a laptop.

ProVideoServer enables two or more channels to be synchronized for frame-accurate playback. Two sets of two channels can also be synchronized. The ability to advance or step back a frame of video at a time enables the offsetting of any latency due to downstream pipeline. This offset can be adjusted in real-time and on a per-channel basis. Many churches use this functionality for projecting a fixed, wide camera shot onto a large screen that covers the stage along with the traditional IMAG (knees up/elbows up) switched camera shots on side screens. The result provides the illusion there is a life-size human being walking around on the video projected stage.

For easy control from a video switcher, PVS has several communications protocols included as part of the solution. These protocols include VDCP and AMP, and they enable the user to trigger clips directly via a switcher from any channel.

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