The PL-11 Flat Panel Loudspeaker is ideal for small to medium sized reverberant, wide / large sanctuaries where an equal audio experience for all locations is required. No room treatment required. PL-11 systems feature 165 coverage, feed-back resistance, near equal volume & stereo to all seats, nearly-immesurable distorion and superior inteligibilty.

$7,500 each

OVERVIEW The Tectonic PL-11 Flat Panel Loudspeaker is an ideal choice for small to medium sized sanctuaries where an equal audio experience for all seats across a very wide listening area is required. The PL-11 is a passive speaker system comprised of a single Distributed Mode Loudspeaker (DML) and a large format ribbon transducer / horn. System frequency response is 90Hz, 20kHz (+-3dB) and is used in conjunction with third-party subwoofers. The DML utilizes resonant mode acoustic physics to propagate very wide, diffuse audio energy into a given space. The DML’s diffuse output has a frequency response of ~ 90Hz to 9kHz with no cross-over network in the critical voice and instrument range that can introduce phase and time alignment issues or possible distortion. The PL-11 DML has a horizontal and vertical coverage of 165, is feed-back resistant and generates near-zero amounts of odd-order harmonic artifacts and distortion. The net effect is superior intelligibility throughout the sanctuary. The PL-11’s DML propagates wide and diffuse audio that does not interacts with boundaries, (walls, windows, floors and ceilings), in an active or destructive manner. The PL-11 does not generate audio energy that is reflected as coherent first, second, third reflections etc. that are perceived as out of phase, time-related reflections - so the acoustic space is essentially “erased”. Even with such a diffuse output, the PL-11 creates a highly accurate stereo image that is ropagated throughout its very wide output. Nearly every location throughout the sanctuary perceives a stereo image. Complementing the PL-11’s DML is an integrated large-format ribbon transducer with a nominal frequency response of ~7kHz, 22kHz. A shallow horn design provides HF distribution of 120 horizontal by 15 vertical. COMPACT FORM FACTOR The form factor of the PL-11 is remarkable for its performance. Measuring approximately 3 feet wide by 2 feet tall by 3 inches deep, the PL-11 can serve well as single panel stereo pairs for small sanctuaries mounted on stands, hung in small-multiples for increased vertical HF coverage or as large multiple arrays when extended vertical coverage and space are a consideration for very large spaces. Up to ten PL-11s per side can be flown for coverage of 7,000+ seats. VERSATILE DEPLOYMENT PL-11s can be stand-mounted or flown from their integral mounting system designed by Tectonic and engineered & certified by ATM. PL-11s are also VESA mount compatible for floor stands, wall-mount and swing-arm applications. EFFICIENT TO OWN AND OPERATE PL-11s are highly efficient; delivering more acoustic output for electrical input, A typical system for up to 7,000 seats can be powered by a single 110v 20A outlet per side. PL-11s can be ordered in a limited number of custom colors. Optional acoustically transparent socks are available in custom colors and / or graphics for color matching or branding.

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