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PGA181 Side-Address Cardioid Condenser Microphone

PGA181 Side-Address Cardioid Condenser Microphone

The PGA181 is a professional quality side-address condenser microphone with a smooth frequency response and highly durable construction that delivers exceptional audio performance. Extremely versatile, the PGA181 is a solid, go-to microphone for use with a wide range of applications, including acoustic and amplified instruments, vocals and live recording.


Whether a team of pros is prepping for a mega-church broadcast, or volunteers are miking a smaller worship team for a Sunday service, quality audio will be a crucial factor. With a long history of engineering quality products that address the audio challenges faced by the worship community, Shure recently launched a a new comprehensive line of entry level microphones that include advanced design features for professional sound at a budget-conscious price: PG Alta. 

The perfect introduction to Shure engineering excellence, PG ALTA models are the most accessible Shure microphones for elevating sound quality. The complete family includes 14 new products,including vocal and instrument microphones, drum kits, and a studio kit,ideal for small venues, aspiring musicians, and home recording sessions. While each product within the family would make a useful addition to any gear locker, the PGA181 Side-Address Cardioid Condenser Microphone offers incredible versatility and packs a high-quality performance into a discrete, side-address form factor at a budget-friendly price point. 

Suited for a wide range of applications,including acoustic and amplified instruments, vocals, and live rehearsal recording and performance,the combination of the PGA181’s smooth frequency response, side-address design and budget-friendly price point make it the first of its kind in terms of price point, quality and versatility.  A tailored, condenser cartridge with a cardioid polar pattern produces a clean, professional-quality sound, while picking up audio from the source and rejecting unwanted noise.

The mic is equipped with a stand adapter that allows leaders and performers to easily mount the microphone to a stand, freeing-up their hands for instrumentals or other worship needs.  Showcasing an industrial and visually-appealing design, the PGA181 features a black metallic finish and a grille with an unobtrusive visual presence. With multiple users performing with the microphone on a daily basis, the PGA181 ensures durability in rigorous environments having undergone Shure’s vigorous product testing.  The PGA181 expands on the promise of exceptional product performance at an affordable price, providing the first and best opportunity for budget-conscious worship leaders and audio teams to opt for a professional-quality side-address condenser microphone, without overspending.

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