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PDS Series

PDS Series

Barco's PDS series of switchers is designed to be fast and easy to use and to provide more digital inputs at an affordable price. Houses of worship will appreciate the simplicity of this tool when used in creating multi-faceted presentations with professional-quality video and graphics. 

Due to a low video delay, live performances are synched with the PDS switchers. Convenient PIPs ensure production control. Users can capture and store up to three images that can be used as a logo source during the presentation. 

In addition to the program output, the PDS-902 and PDS-902 3G offer a preview output that can be set at the same or different resolution than the program output. Users have the option of displaying one of three signals on the preview output: program, preview. or built-in test patterns. The PDS is offered in four models: PDS-701 3G, PDS-901 3G, PDS-902, and PDS-902 3G. All 3G models feature four DVI-I inputs with full HDCP 1.0 support, whereas the PDS-701 3G features two DVI-I inputs. All models include one 3G/HD/SD SDI and four universal analog inputs. All analog and DVI inputs support the EDID 1.3 specification. All models provide simultaneous program output via the DVI and analog connectors. The PDS-9013G and PDS-902 3G models also include an SDI output supporting SD/HD/3G rates and BarcoLink for easy connection to your Barco projectors.

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