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Panasonic’s First 4K+ Projector makes its U.S. Debut at InfoComm 2015

Panasonic’s First 4K+ Projector makes its U.S. Debut at InfoComm 2015

Using laser light and delivering extremely detailed, life-like 4K+ image quality, the projector boasts an impressive 10,000 lm of brightness and a contrast ration of 20,000:1.

Panasonic System Communications Company of North America, a provider of professional projector solutions, today introduced at InfoComm 2015 the PT-RQ13KU, the company's first beyond 4K screen resolution projector.

At the show, Panasonic will also show the high brightness PT-DZ21KU projector, showcasing its impact through a dramatic projection mapping display onto a Tesla Model S. Attendees can see these products and more at booth 1501.

The PT-RQ13KU 4K+ Projector With 4K+ screen resolution (5,120 X 3,200) and Quad Pixel Drive technology, is an extremely compact and lightweight 4K+ 3-chip DLP laser projector. The projector boasts an impressive 10,000 lm of brightness and a contrast ratio of 20,000:1 using laser light, delivering extremely detailed, film-like, 4K+ image quality. The projector's pixel is shifted both horizontally and vertically at a high frame rate of 240 Hz, physically creating four different pixels from a single pixel, effectively quadrupling the pixel density of the image and creating an extraordinary picture quality. To optimize for fluid, detailed, high-contrast images, the PT-RQ13KU leverages a next-generation Detail Clarity Processor that analyzes pixel information. 

The new projector also delivers a long 20,000-hour light-source life, ensuring greater reliability in addition to 24/7 operation. Providing system and installation flexibility, the Multi-Screen Support System allows screens to seamlessly join with edge blending, color matching and digital image enlarging. In addition, the PT-RQ13KU uses DIGITAL LINK - based on HDBaseT technology - that reduces cost and complexity of installation by allowing transmission of HD video, audio and control commands through a single CAT5e cable. The PT-RQ13KU is ideal for a wide variety of applications including rental and staging, auditorium, museum, control room, and house of worship. The PT-RQ13KU will be available in the fall of 2015.

"Modern communication is driven by impactful visuals and 4K technology delivers the most impressive image available," said Art Rankin, Vice President, AV Technologies, Panasonic System Communications Company of North America. "Companies for which visual communication is critical to brand identity such as retail - are clamoring to offer solutions in 4K. Our new 4K+ projector will allow customers to create even higher impact images, whether it's in retail environments or large exhibition venues." Tesla Projection Mapping At InfoComm 2015, attendees can also see six PT-DZ21KU projectors in action through a state-of-the-art projection mapping display onto a Tesla Model S. The PT-DZ21KU was selected to light up the London Olympic Games Opening Ceremony in 2012 and is a powerful, compact 20,000 lm projectors with a 10,000:1 contrast ratio and WUXGA resolution. Such performance has earned the series the trust of decision makers in industries such as rental and staging, house of worship, and permanent installation in large indoor and outdoor venues. 

Dynamic Projection and Lighting with the Space Player. The recently developed Space Player employs the new concept of “projection lighting,” using projected visuals as lighting to create a wide variety of ambient lighting possibilities that were previously unavailable. For example, the new projection spotlight can light up an object while projecting video or product descriptions onto the surrounding space; it could also be used to capture the attention of customers onto a product through moving illuminations. The Space Player will be available in black and white, and features a one-touch switch between “lighting mode” and “projector mode” by remote control that comes with the system. In addition to the standalone playback of pictures and videos from an SD card, the Space Player is capable of projecting images and video from a diverse range of sources, such as a PC or tablet over a Wi-Fi network, or using an HDMI connection.

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