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Panasonic Plasmas Rated to Last 100,000 Viewing Hours

Panasonic Professional Display Company (PPDC), a unit of Panasonic Corporation of North America, a leader in professional Plasma displays, announces its 11 Series line of 720 and 1080p Plasmas, as well as its 103-inch Plasma HDTV, have been rated to last 100,000 hours before reaching half their original brightness. This means, based on 12 hours of constant viewing in a business or commercial establishment, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, the 11 Series models and 103-inch Plasma could, on average, take almost 23 years (22.8 years exactly) to reach half of their original brightness level.

"The competition has waged an aggressive and ongoing misinformation campaign based on myths and misperceptions about the longevity and performance capabilities of Plasma HDTVs," says Andrew Nelkin, president of PPDC. "If you look at the latest research, based on comparisons for the lifespan and performance history of Plasma versus LCD, you'll see that Plasma technology has come a long way since the early days, and is a superior, reliable display choice for a wide range of commercial environments. The performance specifications exhibited by our 11 Series and 103-inch Plasmas support this claim."

Nelkin continues, "Today's Panasonic models demonstrate a solid track record of performance, reliability and long life, especially in commercial installations. Panasonic Plasmas consistently rate among the best in the industry, as judged and reviewed by respected industry experts and technicians, including Gary Merson, the HD Guru.' We want customers to have the right, accurate, information at hand in order to make an educated decision as to what display to install in their business or home theater. We believe that, once they have this, it will be clear that Panasonic Plasma is the best choice for most commercial applications."

Both the Panasonic 103-inch and 11 Series Plasmas deliver superior reproduction of motion images, with 4.096 gradation steps and the high resolution required to deliver the full beauty of high definition broadcasts. The Plasmas feature a 15,000:1 contrast ratio, while producing beautiful images with tight, rich blacks, as well as smooth natural tonal gradation and outstanding depth.

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