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Order Custom In Ear Monitors

Order Custom In Ear Monitors

An online shopping process enables you to order custom-molded in-ear monitors with a user-friendly interface.

Sweetwater,  an online retailer of music instruments and pro audio gear in the U.S., has unveiled the Westone Customizer, the easiest way to shop for custom-molded Westone in-ear monitors online.

The Customizer is a product of Sweetwater's ongoing online innovation working in tandem with Westone's technological expertise and audiologists network.  Other such Sweetwater innovations include Guitar Gallery, Cable Finder, Case Finder, and the Mesa Boogie configurator.

The online shopping process is very simple. The customer browses models by price and specs, and then customizes the color, faceplate, and cable right from our wizard. After the order is completed, the customer goes to a local Sweetwater-recommended Westone network audiologist, who will make silicone molds of the inner ear. Network audiologists will have pre-labeled boxes, and pack up the impressions made.

The customer ships the impressions to Westone’s lab where the in-ear monitors are quickly made, then shipped back to the customer.

Westone Audio are the proven in-ear experts. Their team of hearing and music specialists has been developing custom-fitted in-ears and listening equipment since 1959, which today can be seen in the ears of performers, athletes, and even US Air Force fighter pilots.

Why would someone choose custom-molded in-ear monitors? The fact is that most performers expect too much from our stage wedges for the types of shows we play. And pushed too hard, wedges can ruin a live mix with excessive bleed and feedback, and they can even damage hearing over time.

Molded in-ears, on the other hand, are designed to protect your hearing onstage and feed more of your own voice or instrument directly into your ears. Westone's custom, comfortable designs offer as much as 25dB of isolation the difference between a conversation in a coffee shop and a subway car.

Even if you aren't a live performer, Westone in-ears let you experience your music the way it was intended, in any environment: running, flying, sporting, commuting, and even sleeping.

Sweetwater's proprietary Westone Customizer tool will revolutionize the in-ear monitor customer buying experience.

Sweetwater founder and president Chuck Surack said, "The Westone Customizer is one more exclusive feature of our ongoing online innovation at Sweetwater. Our customers can expect much more such innovation in the future."

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