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A joint collaboration between Yamaha and Steinberg, NUAGE is a hardware and software system designed to enable audio engineers to select and combine various components for specific applications and workflow requirements. Specifically, the system adds the power of the Dante audio network to recording, post-production, live-to-tape broadcasts, and worship services recording.

NUAGE is a networkable recording system consisting of hardware work surface components, a user interface, comprehensive visual feedback, networkable audio interface units, and a software-based digital audio workstation. It offers advanced processing capabilities for sonic quality.

The Yamaha control surface features a combination of fader and main control units, enabling various system configurations. Meanwhile, Steinberg's Nuendo digital audio workstation software couples with Dante for an advanced production system.

Dante audio networking provides system design and expandability capabilities. A Dante Accelerator audio interface card can be installed in the computer running the Nuendo DAW to provide extra-low latency multi-channel audio data transfer capacity, which is advantageous when communicating with NUAGE I/O units. A secondary port can be used to provide redundant connections for failsafe reliability.

Any 24-inch monitor can be used with the NUAGE system. The system incorporates the computer LCD displays for an "Extensive Console View." It also features channel strip extension, customizable Nuendo shortcuts, touch slider functionality, touch-sensitive faders and encoders, channel name display, and channel color bar.

NUAGE modular architecture and network audio interface enable broad system flexibility. Two types of control surface units can be used individually or in combination, according to system needs. Three types of high-end audio interfaces are available, used individually or in combination for up to 128 channels. Sixteen-channel analog, 16-channel digital, and 8-channel analog + 8-channel digital can be controlled at once with two encoders per channel, or all encoders can be mapped to one or two highlighted channels in the Channel Setting Mode. NUAGE I/O also features advanced JetPLL jitter reduction technology for extremely low jitter and superior AD/DA resolution.

NUAGE's DSP surround processing capabilities provide all the essentials for surround sound, including speaker/level display adjustments and base management. The native system processing enables a large number of plug-ins to be used simultaneously across multiple channels/tracks. Nuendo Syncstation provides sample-accurate synchronization for audio and video.

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