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New York Church’s Tech Friendly Approach to Volunteers

New York Church’s Tech Friendly Approach to Volunteers

Solution provider tasked to provide an easy-to-learn and operate system, as volunteers handle the management of church audio-visual equipment.

Genesis Technology, an all-in-one solution provider design and installation of audio visual systems, recently upgraded the AV system of one of the largest Korean-American churches in the New York area.

The company provided upgrades and enhancements to the HD video systems, stage LED lighting systems, intercom system and digital audio system.

With a total of 1800 seats, 1200 on first floor and 600 seats on balcony, the church occupies a 4 story building. The video system is composed of one main house 16'x9' projection screen, one confidence monitor, 4 flat panel displays under the balcony and 6 flat planet displays for the overflow, lobby and fellowship hall. The client required an upgrade of the video system to include all digital formats with full 1080p resolution. The system also had to accommodate HD recording for broadcast on the Christian television stations and internet, as well as video distribution throughout the building.

Genesis Technology was also tasked to provide easy to learn and operate systems as volunteers handle the management of the audio-visual equipment. Genesis Technology chose to install an Analog Way NeXtage 16, a powerful seamless presentation mixer. Micheal Yoo, president of Genesis Technology explains: "The NeXtage 16 primarily serves to handle the IMAG projection. It also serves to record the service to stream on the church website and to keep them as archives. We chose this product because the NeXtage 16 has by far the best video quality, you can see every detail.

The product also features many transition and visual effects that the predominantly young volunteers enjoy." Sources are composed of video streams from three PTZ cameras and two ENG cameras, and graphics and video playback from two computers. For special events and presentations, other sources are provided from an iPad and the guest computer. For basic operations the NeXtage 16 is controlled via the easy to use Shot Box, Analog Way's Multi screen preset launcher for LiveCore series. For more complex applications the NeXtage 16 is controlled through the Web RCS, Analog Way's intuitive remote control software. Yoo points out the benefits of this interface: "It's really easy to train people on the Web RCS as it's an easy-to-learn tool, especially with the "drag and drop" functionality.

Web RCS has shown great success among young volunteers that are more willing to try more effects and features."

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