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Multisite Location for California Church Adds 20-foot ROE Visual Wall

A new LED wall with a 3.9mm pixel pitch was installed in September in a worship space that can seat up to 400.

LA HABRA, Calif. With its two multisite locations, Eastside Christian Church recently moved to install a new LED video wall at their lone multisite location in Orange County, in the city in the northwest corner of the county.

For a church that began modestly in a living room in Fullerton, Eastside has grown to more than 6,000 congregants across its three campuses over an average week, to where back in November 2012, it moved their main location to its current spot in Anaheim. That location had previously been a Boeing-owned property, but over the span of 15 months, that site was converted to include a worship center, fellowship hall, along with classrooms.

For its Orange County multisite location, Eastside opted to upgrade to a 20-foot ROE Visual LED wall.

While the church went with an Absen 40-foot LED wall at their Anaheim location over the last four years, with the individual panels consisting of a 6.25mm pixel pitch, Eastside opted for an upgrade at their La Habra location to a new custom front-serviceable ROE Visual wall consisting of panels at just a 3.9mm pixel pitch, covering a span of a 20-foot wide wall.

"I can show over 720p resolution, at 20 feet wide," noted Eastside's Chief Technology & Production Systems Director Chris Gille. By having LED walls installed at both locations, he added, "It almost feels like an Orange County quality standard." And when describing the ROE Visual wall itself, he said, "There are solid colors, to where it looks painted it is a beautiful wall. It is a key component to the video message and to the presentation."

Originally, ROE Visual had installed the LED wall at La Habra in late September, to where it was first used for a service on Sunday, Sept. 25, but Gille noted that it was quickly realized that the panels needed to be front serviceable, which required a second installation round to make the solution one ideal for Gille and the rest of the Eastside staff.

Since the space which can seat up to 400 made possible courtesy of a partnership with Whittier Christian High School - began utilizing the ROE Visual technology, Gille noted that the congregants have been impressed with the upgrade to an LED wall in the La Habra space.

"(The congregants) might not be able to articulate why (it's better), but they say it's great," said Gille. "It feels like one of the measures of quality to get projection to LED where we can."

One of the crucial elements to opting to go with ROE Visual was its proximity to La Habra, noted Gille, as the company's headquarters in Irvine are less than 25 miles from the multisite location.

As a result of being relatively nearby, when it came to do the initial install, Gille explained some of the benefits resulting from having Managing Director Frank Montero on hand to help with the completion of the work.

"Three people come out, Frank and two techs. We unpackaged it and hung it together," noted Gille. "They QC'd it (handled quality control) again, as it was coming out of the cases, with them showing how to properly handle it, along with us learning about cabling for it and troubleshooting." Gille added that he estimated that the install of the LED wall took about two hours at La Habra. Even though ROE Visual "took a handful of panels back and took pixels out," he explained, he had no issue with those changes, citing that "they wanted everything to be perfect."

In addition to being so close to the company's offices, Gille discussed wanting to select a product that could be seen as reliable for the long haul.

"I wanted to get into a panel that would have many years ahead of us. ROE doesn't use surplus LEDs, as they are particular with their components," he said. "When I went to visit their shop, and there were rows and rows and hundreds of panels, that was pretty much where I made my decision."

While many churches often decide to work with an integrator to serve as the knowledgeable go-between with the manufacturer, for Gille, he noted, "I try to do direct when I can." Making matters even more ideal for him, he added, was that, "in this case, it's the way that ROE likes to work."

To emphasize his positive experience with ROE Visual, Gille cited that beyond the LED wall that was installed at La Habra, he also has plans to install a second LED wall from the manufacturer at another location in the next year.



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