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Missions Moment: Taking Technology to the Ukraine

Missions Moment: Taking Technology to the Ukraine

One of our writers goes out of his way to improve technology in a growing Ukrainian Church

Rob Connelly is a church technical director, owner of his own audio company and a frequent contributor to Church Production and Worship Facilities magazines. He says he’s always had a heart for global missions and has participated in many missions trips, his first to the Caribbean when he was 12. He also has a passion for technology, so connecting missions and technology was probably inevitable.

This connection started with an email from a friend who does missions work in the Ukraine. A church in the city of Kherson (care-SOHN) had a technology crisis. Its sound mixing board was in the process of dying and Connelly says, “My friend knew I’d have a passion to fulfill that need.” If you know how God works, you won’t be surprised to learn that less than a week later, Connelly met with a friend who “just happened” to have a spare, brand new mixer sitting around, one that he was glad to donate.

Now for the fun part—getting the mixer to the Ukraine. Connelly gathered some support and packed up the Mackie brand 1640i mixer, with a verbal promise from the airline that he could carry it on the plane. When he arrived, all his flights were delayed or cancelled due to weather, and he watched the mixer travel down a conveyer belt, kindly labeled “fragile.”

“I had no buffer time in my connector city and this was one of last flights out to Europe. I was out on a limb schedule-wise. Folks had given money for me to go and I was praying when a brother-in-Christ texted me and said, ‘Relax, trust God.’”

An extra seat opened up on the last flight that night, a Joe Namath sprint takes Connelly to his connecting flight and the mixer arrives in perfect working order to a very warm welcome from the Ukrainians. Upon meeting the church’s technical director, Connelly was amazed. “Bogdan Wolksi is a remarkable steward of resources who knows everything he knows from Internet research. The mixer we replaced was 40-plus years old and had been rewired multiple times. He’s an amazing guy.”

The 16-year-old church called Christ Our Savior is culturally relevant with a vibrant music ministry and great technology needs. Connelly says, “... a light in a place where there’s a long history of the church being repressed.” Connelly’s mission is to install a whole new sound system and find other churches with critical technology needs. For more information, visit Connelly’s website, www.technologymissions.org.

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