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Missions Moment: ProjectInspired.com

Missions Moment: ProjectInspired.com

Blogs, articles and advice chat for teenage girls to learn about God's way to live beautifully.

Her life was every little girl’s dream of successful modeling, acting, fame and fortune. By the age of 16, Nicole Weider was moving to Hollywood, Calif., to pursue a career that turned into a nightmare. She calls Hollywood “The Devil’s Playground,” and by the age of 23, she wanted out—but had no backup plan. Her compromising lifestyle led to a severe depression. Fortunately for Weider, her best friend was a Christ-follower. Daily, she fed Weider’s spirit with truth and put a book in her hands that changed her life, eternally.

“She shared The Purpose Driven Life with me. I dismissed it at first because it wasn’t what I was used to hearing,” says Weider. “One day I picked it up and I was ready for a different plan. The book gave me comfort and a sense of peace, it stirred encouragement in my heart when I realized God had a bigger plan for my life and a better plan than I realized.”

Weider gave her life to Christ and He put the desire in her heart to have a website for teen girls. Weider launched ProjectInspired.Com. “I feel like it’s such a pivotal age,” she says. “Girls are shaping their personality and are so susceptible to the media and its counter culture. I want them to know God’s way.”

ProjectInspired.com readers ask questions on the site they might otherwise avoid asking a parent. All topics and issues are on the table and answered by a team of Godly women with Biblically sound advice. Readers may post articles, messages and photos adding to the wise council.

In addition to the ProjectInspired.com website, Weider has launched an “Anti-Cosmo Campaign,” with a petition to get Cosmopolitan magazine covered in a non-transparent wrapper and sold only to adults. She wants parents to realize the publishers are targeting teens with pornographic content. “Cosmo is geared toward younger [aged] girls. Big fonts and bright colors and most recently, an under-age actress [Dakota Fanning] on the cover. With headlines like ‘25 Girlie Things You Must Do,’ they are actively marketing to underage girls with a magazine that includes porn.”

Weider’s Change.org petition (http://tinyurl.com/projectinspired) has over 21,000 signatures so far. “Once this is in a bag, people will start to realize what’s in it and protect their children. Cosmo is porn and encourages it by giving readers porn sites to go to. It encourages girls to have sex, watch porn and be promiscuous. It’s satanic. The devil wants to destroy hearts and minds and he works through greed and that’s the driving force behind it.”

Weider says she knows now that everything she went through in Hollywood had a purpose. Her new purpose is targeting 11-year-old to college age girls, spreading the love of God and exposing that lifestyle and the cultural lies about beauty and acceptance.

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