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MIssions Moment: Camp Simcha

MIssions Moment: Camp Simcha

Sound Eases Kids' Suffering, Lifts Spirits

Camp Simcha in Glen Spey, N.Y., is full of amazing people. It’s a summer camp for children and teens suffering from cancer, other life-threatening illnesses, serious chronic conditions or disabilities.

For 26 years, the camp has provided a fun and supportive summer experience for seriously ill kids. Camp Simcha features many diversions from doctors and hospitals, including team sports, water activities, arts and crafts, barbecues, cooking, helicopter rides and trips.

Recently, an unused cabin was transformed into a recording workshop, adding sound recording to the list of options. The new recording studio serves two purposes. The camp uses it as a recording workshop for everyday musical activities and creates an end-of-the-summer CD of the season’s “in songs” for the kids to take home.

Simcha Program Director Shaindy Lowenthal says music is an integral part of the program—one that lifts campers’ spirits. “We even have an in-house band that performs at meals,” she says. “Our music program offers a therapeutic outlet for campers to express their feelings about their lives. Many have been involved in writing and performing songs and music videos.”

As part of her research into equipping the recording studio, Lowenthal reached out to Auralex Acoustics, a sound control solutions company in Indianapolis. “They were so helpful throughout the entire process. They listened, and told us what they thought we would need. We hoped for a discount, but they donated the entire purchase order.”

Auralex CEO David Fischer tells WFM why: “The work that they perform and the experiences they provide are inspiring. The entire Auralex team felt compelled and drawn to their mission. It was never a question of if we would participate, but to what extent.”

Part of the Auralex donation included Studiofoam sound insulation. Lowenthal says it really helps. “The ‘shack,’ as we like to call it, is like a linen closet,” she describes. “It’s on the corner of the road where there are golf carts that pass by and there’s a lot of traffic around there. We put some insulation on the walls, but the Auralex treatments help isolate the space and make the room visually look like a recording studio.”

Fischer concludes, “We are humbled to be part of such a worthy cause, and for the opportunity to work with caring adults supporting such incredibly strong children.”

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