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The new Yamaha MG16XU mixer offers D-PRE mic preamps and SPX effects for top sound quality and reliability.

MSRP $629

Yamaha's MG16XU mixing console offers an intuitive, easy-to use interface, with remarkable sound quality. With 16 total inputs, it can accommodate up to 10 microphones.

The new Class A microphone preamplifiers are where it all starts. Everything users do as a sound engineer is dependent on the quality of these preamplifiers. Yamaha's MG16XU uses studio-grade, discrete Class-A circuitry in an inverted Darlington circuit comprising two cascading transistors in a configuration that provides more power with lower impedance. This delivers fat, natural-sounding bass and smooth, clear highs with very low distortion while preserving a wide dynamic range. Having such a pure sonic platform on which to build the mix will ultimately save users time and effort.

Eight input channels are equipped with single-knob compressors to help tame unruly vocals or punch up a bass guitar. Compression plays an essential part in just about any recording or sound reinforcement environment by altering the dynamics of an audio signal. It is remarkable what even slight adjustments can do to pull a lost instrument up in a mix. This single-knob feature was debuted by Yamaha and these latest designs are optimized for easy use, providing great results. By simplifying the setup and use of a compressor to a single knob, a better sounding mix is easily accomplished.

The newly designed three-band input EQ makes dialing up the right sound faster and more intuitive. "Sweepable" midrange enables targeted adjustment, particularly in the vocal range. There are four auxiliary sends available to send signals to on stage monitors, to the internal effect or to outboard devices without disturbing users' main mixes.

The onboard Digital Effects were tuned specifically to give useable reverbs, delays and other presets for special effects. Many hours of work went into the presets by real working sound professionals to assure the best quality. There is also a footswitch input to mute the effects between songs or when making announcements.

A class-compliant USB connection is provided to support both playback from a PC and recording, improving audio quality and saving the cost of purchasing computer interfaces. This connection can support up to 24-bit, 192kHz quality. Since it is class compliant, it can function right out of the box. The MG16XU comes bundled with a downloadable version of Steinberg' Cubase AI software.

As one of the most advanced, comprehensive DAW suites available, Cubase provides the same core technologies that have won worldwide acclaim. Additionally, with the use of an Apple iPad Camera connection kit or lightning to USB adapter, instant recording and sharing a performance or service is possible even without a PC. Yamaha offers a recording app specifically for this purpose. The free app is available via the iTunes store.

In response to customer requests, the external power supply has been eliminated. A universal internal power supply, carefully shielded from the audio circuits, keeps hum and noise to a minimum. The chassis of this mixer was designed to take the rigors of constant movement and use, and it comes with rack ears for mounting in a case. The controls and indicators were designed to keep operation easy. Lighted channel on/off switches enable easy muting of unused channels. Color-coding and connector placement make operation, even by a novice, intuitive and fast.

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