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Media and Worship  Part I

Media and Worship Part I

A look at the media being projected on your screens during worship.

Today, let's talk about projecting media on your video screens.

There are two aspects to this:

First, there’s technology being used to make it happen—-and second is the philosophy behind how you do it.

Certainly, many churches have managed quite well using Microsoft PowerPoint, or the Apple equivalent, Keynote.

These are robust programs, and as they often come for free with a new computer, they are a cost-effective choice. However, there are some good reasons to invest in software designed specifically to support worship services. These include ProPresenter, EasyWorship, SongShow Plus, Proclaim, and others.

What these programs give you that programs like PowerPoint lack is a database of song lyrics, access to a bible from within the program, and the ability to structure your services in the intended order. Unlike PowerPoint, where the presentation is "flat" and it's just one large collection of slides, programs like ProPresentor and EasyWorship (I can't speak to others) let you create a service order, which is simple a list of the elements (such as songs, scripture verses, videos to play) that will be part of your service.

During the service, as you click each song, another area of the program shows you all the slides for that song, and as you click through them, they get output to your video system. You can assign still pictures or motion backdrops to the slides as well.

If the worship team decides to go to a different song than planned, you just find the song in the song library, double-click on it, and up it comes onto the screen. Playing back videos as part of the service is also that easy, whereas my experience with PowerPoint is it can be a bit problematic as to whether it'll play a video correctly or not.

For scripture slides, you simply go to the built-in bible (usually many versions are available for download), select the verses you want, and add them to the service order in the program. It automatically creates slides for those verses for youno cutting and pasting required.

These programs are usually designed by people who are highly involved in church technical production ministry and understand the challenges of supporting a service. Thus, they have designed their program to take into consideration most of the situations that arise in a church. You'll likely see a step up in responsiveness with your media team by incorporating one of these programs into your church.


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