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Livemix Personal Monitor System

Livemix Personal Monitor System

The Livemix personal monitor system is simple enough for volunteers to use, but deep enough to give professionals the tools they need.

MSRP for an 8 Mix Bundle: $5,350 / Streets at $3,999.99

The Livemix personal monitor system was designed specifically to be easy for volunteer performers to use. It was also designed to be at reasonable price point to offer value for the house of worship market and to provide all the professional features needed to set it apart in the field.

Livemix is very easy for volunteers to use. With a large, color touchscreen, users can see not only the volume levels of each channel, but also the custom channel names. This means they can mix "Mark" or "Janine" rather than just "Channel 4" or "Channel 5." The touchscreen makes the system intuitive and easy to navigate, with 90 percent of the mix completed on just two screens.

The rugged personal mixer has dedicated master volume and Me knobs, enabling performers to have access to the controls they use most frequently. An innovative MirrorMix feature connects any personal mixer in the system to any other mixer in the system. This remote mixing feature enables a FOH engineer or other performer to hear what the other performer hears and, thus, remotely make adjustments to the mix. Such features as built-in ambient mics, intercom and shared auxiliary input further enable users.

For value, the Livemix CS-DUO personal mixer has two discreet personal mixes in one box. This reduces the per-node cost as well as the stage clutter and cable routing. With both analog and Dante digital input configurations, the Livemix system fits in nearly every church scenario. The overall cost for an eight-mix system is considerably less than other major players in the category.

Livemix features 24 input channels, with effects (EQ and compression) on every channel. The master output has additional effects, such as limiting and reverb. Users can save their mix to the personal mixer directly or to a USB stick to take with them. Nearly all the system features, including Dante Network setup, can be done on the CS-DUO personal mixer touchscreen, eliminating the need for extra software or computers.

The Livemix personal monitoring system was designed to be volunteer-friendly. In many actual scenarios, Digital Audio Labs says it has been able to teach unfamiliar volunteers to use the system in less than two minutes. This means less time on mixing and more time practicing. With MirrorMix remote mixing, it is easy to help someone make a great mix. The touchscreen uses a mechanic that most people intuitively find familiar, making transitions very easy.

With such advanced tools as effects on every channel, grouping, mute/solo and more, Livemix provides professional users with everything they need to make fantastic sounding mixes.

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