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Lean Speaker Design Provides Full Bodied Performance

Lean Speaker Design Provides Full Bodied Performance

Sound Reinforcement Loudspeaker Plates from Tectonic Audio Labs on Display at WFX Expo Floor.

As I walk through the Expo floor scouring the room for new ideas and technologies, I fell upon something that I believe, has to be shared.

However, because I work closely in the Architectural and Interior Design market, to the average Joe, I just may be able to fool you, by thinking that I may know a thing or two of the Tech world and the orbits that surround.

Not just because I like to listen to loud music, which I do, but having had a vast background in recording studios as a singer, I do recognize and appreciate a system that can deliver a full bodied, clear, and sonically dynamic range of frequencies.

When you experience such a controlled and even sound, you have to tell someone!

Thus, I want to bring your attention to a system that I have found note worthy on the Expo floor of this year’s WFX 2015.

Introducing Tectonic Audio Labs, Tectonic Plates, Flat Panel Sound Reinforcement Loudspeakers.

Now when I say the word “flat”, I mean flat!

This is the speakers version to the IpadAir.

Thin, thin, thin! Like a system that went on a low carb diet. No bulk, just lean and mean.

Weighing in at 2.9” thick, I believe you would agree with me.

To hold the actual panel in your hand and to know that this material can respectfully handle everything of a traditional speaker cabinet and more, is a bit mind blowing.

Some of the benefits that are offered are:
1) Resistance to feedback.
Yea, you heard me. Feedback. The absence of it. In fact you can use a mic in front of the speaker.
What? As a singer, this is a number one “No, no”. Now, no matter the placement of a singer in conjunction with the speaker this will handle that universal squeak that puts more goosebumps on a neck than a well manicured fingernail on a chalk board!

2) Wide coverage.
More importantly, coverage that is even. Meaning no matter where you are seated in the room, you will find that same dynamic range hitting everyone universally. That’s unheard of! Well, not anymore.

3) Paintable…which means Designer friendly. Thank you Tectonic!
Ecspecially when trends change, the movement from a dark laden stage presence to a more natural light and or neutral colored room mean the options are endless.
This works ecspecially in more traditional church settings in where the last thing they want seen are the speakers and hardware of a room.

4) Lightweight
That means even someone like me can hang them.
Ok, well maybe not me..but you get the jest. It requires nothing more than a TV mounting rack.
Hmmm….maybe we can put these in our living room….

5) Minimal Room Interaction
This is a big plus. And I’m talking to sound engineers. I think I just helped take your pay grade go up a notch. No more battling the room so long just to get a good sound check.

In the world of sound everything reflects. The way your walls are parrell to each other, the height of your ceiling, the material and items in a room, even warm bodies all have a reflectivity when considering amplifying sound into your room.

As many have run into issues time and again, reflections are like a “ping pong” bouncing off of one another in either a complementary or divisive way.
But here these flat panels minimize the reflectivity that may disturb or disrupt a clean return.

6) Optional Sytems:
Stackable rigging tubes offer as many panels as desired.
Optional panel sizes are: 36.4"W 22.3"Tx2.9"D and 60.8"Wx22.3"Tx2.9"D.
Both have different frequency responses and outputs while still giving you the same horizontal and vertical coverage per size.

Here’s the deal. There are many great systems on the market. In fact at the rate that technology continues to improve itself, there will always be advancements made towards correcting nuances within a given system.

As a singer, I have always had an appreciation to sound. Sound is such a dynamic field.
Most people only notice when the sound isn’t working rather than when it does. Unfortunately this is plight of all Sound technicians. It’s more a less a thankless job. So let’s change things around and see if we can’t make things easier.

When the listener experiences a good quality sound, understand that there is a lot behind the scenes that are in play to make it so. Education is key in determining what system would benefit your space.

And even though as consumers we’ve become more educated, when talking about a space that delivers to a few hundred or several thousand, you will always need to lean on a specifier to adequately run your room.

Most variables that need to be addressed are things like: interactivity of a space, age range of a congregation, spatial considerations, available budget, and the complimenting pieces to what you may already have at hand to use per Sunday.

Since we have been accustomed to heavy bulky systems when accommodating sound, it’s nice to know that there is a new alternative. They are lightweight, clean, in both look and output.

With no furthur ado, I’m excited to have you take in a demo or two and hear for yourselves what Tectonic has to offer.

It seems to be a “win, win” when looking for a system to outfit your worship facility.

And if that wasn’t enough, I got to hear the system in all its glory while in a private showing by guitar player, Phil Keaggy. And yes, it was a slice of Heaven on Earth.


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