The D SERIES is LAB.GRUPPEN's integration superpower, the most advanced install-dedicated amplifier platform to date. The D SERIES provides 'true open interoperability', integrating with the widest range of digital audio and control protocols, bringing powerful benefits and unique capabilities to any demanding high-performance and quality installation.

$7,999 - $12,699

Total integration is the core ethos behind D SERIES - LAB.GRUPPEN’s most advanced install-dedicated amplifier platform to date. Providing ‘true open interoperability’, D SERIES integrates with the widest range of digital audio and control protocols, bringing powerful benefits and unique capabilities to demanding, high-performance and quality sound system installations. D SERIES is based on the same foundation of robust, high-power amplifier technologies as the renowned PLM Series of Powered Loudspeaker Management systems, an amplifier platform with a proven record of true reliability and sonic performance on the world’s most grueling concert tours in high-profile, large-scale installations.

Incorporating newly refined output stage technologies along with installation-targeted hardware and software features, D SERIES enables optimized audio system design and configuration to provide the ultimate solution for the most digitally networked installed sound applications. Our ground-breaking Rational Power Management (RPM) provides true flexibility in allocating available power across the four output channels. At the heart of RPM technology lies the unique ability for the D SERIES to deliver up to 5000 W output on any channel, leaving the remaining available power output to be allocated freely to the other channels.

This enables fully optimized system design, with each channel being tailored to the exact power requirement of the load, better managing headroom between all available channels and rationalizing the system to achieve most efficient use of the total amplifier inventory, saving money, energy and rack space. In a nutshell, this means that the modern church facility is able to manage the system load, adjusting it for various styles of worship.  As well as benefitting from load flexibility, the church is able to improve its power usage with the introduction of the highly innovative RPM technology which serves to further enhance our position as the leader in ‘real’ green amplifier technology.

With unique Universal Power Supply technologies for unrivalled power factor correction and low peak mains current draw to power output ratio, over-specification of mains distribution is reduced and also critically reduces UPS reliance in mission-critical sound applications.  Making up another cornerstone element of the D Series offering, is a new and extremely powerful software suite called CAFE. In addition to providing full system integrity monitoring capabilities as well as the RPM configuration, CAFE also includes a comprehensive offline design tool in the form of ESP that allows entry of many fixed or known system requirements into an intelligent information matrix, and with the click of a button, CAFE will provide an optimized recommendation for specifying D SERIES into the project, including model and number of amps, heat generated, channel distribution, current draw, UPS requirements and more. Whether an integrator is carrying out the installation phase or church management, you can rely on CAFE to ensure that you make the most of D SERIES from the very beginning, there is no need for highly experienced users, CAFE software guides you, hassle-free. 

The D SERIES platform is available in two variants offering unique networking potential. The Lake variants come with on-board Dante networking as standard, and also offer options for full integration with leading third-party networking and control systems via purpose-developed middleware. Now, there is virtually limitless integration potential with custom development of middleware enabling D SERIES amplifiers to be network controlled from a wide range of leading 3rd Party matrix and proprietary system manufacturers.

The Tesira® variants integrate seamlessly into Biamp Systems’ AVB-based networked DSP platform as a dedicated, high-power output object. This opens up even greater potential for LAB.GRUPPEN amplifier technology to integrate into virtually any system design. No other manufacturer offers the same high degree of networked audio and control integration potential.  Ultimately, D SERIES is about offering users the freedom to use any network, any loudspeaker, any third party control system, and in any configuration. With the option of Lake or Tesira® variants there is no limit to power allocation or integration for the church facility.

Available in 3 power configurations (8000 W, 12000 W and 20000 W total power output), each available in either Lake/Dante or Tesira®/AVB variant, D Series heralds ground-breaking Rational Power Management (RPM) technology which means that unlike other amplifiers where ‘flexibility’ often involves compromise (eg. reducing channel count or reducing the total power), RPM allows genuinely flexible power allocation across all channels to ensure the most efficient and rational use of total available power output from multiple amplifiers. Since its launch in June 2014, the D SERIES has achieved worldwide success through complex installations in some of the world’s most acclaimed venues. The Hamilton Place Theatre in Canada has recently upgraded its audio system to include power from the LAB.GRUPPEN D SERIES.

Known for its spectacular acoustics, and host to some of the world’s top musicians and performers, Hamilton Place deployed the D SERIES, introducing the new superpower to Ontario. Given the expansive spaces in theatre and worship facilities, there are complex audio challenges to tackle with the correct level of output and power combination needed to cover such diverse spaces and sound dispersion. The seamless network integration and unprecedented output configuration offered by the D SERIES makes it the most compelling choice of amplifier for church installation projects. It has also been laden with awards since its introduction in June 2014. It made a huge impression at InfoComm 2014 and walked away from the event laden with two top industry awards for Best of Show, one from New Bay Media publications and one from Church Sound Production.

Since then it has gone on to shortlist for the InAVation 2015 Technology Award and the AV Awards 2015. With D SERIES, we continue to set new industry benchmarks for sustained high output, impeccable sonic performance, configuration flexibility, and lower overall installation and real-world running costs. D SERIES brings the world’s most innovative, capable and proven amplifier technology to virtually any high specification installation project, regardless of DSP platform or matrix components. There are new innovations and extreme technological firsts at work in the D SERIES making it the top choice for complex installations worldwide.

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