Kansas Church Undergoes Remodel That Features Audio, Video, Lighting Upgrades

In addition to the speakers, projectors and LED houselights, work completed also involved putting in a video feed into the nursery and the cry room.

BURDEN, Kan. In a worship space originally built in 1925, the First Baptist Church of Burden recently underwent a significant renovation to its worship space.

While the sanctuary space was in the midst of a full remodel, services were alternatively held for two-and-a-half months in the school gymnasium, noted First Baptist Church of Burden's deacon, Roger Bair.

"They now wish that they had done this a long time ago."

Among the items installed in the worship space as part of the remodel was a pair of JBL speakers, two Hitachi CP-WX4022WN lamp projectors and projector screens, along with some LED house lighting. The speakers were first introduced to the congregation for a service during the June 10-11 weekend.

The new speakers replaced an aging set from another manufacturer, with the installation completed a week earlier, much of it associated with flying the speakers, which took "a good day to put them in," explained Bair.

In addition to the speakers, projectors and LED houselights, Bair cited that the install also involved putting "in a video feed into the nursery and the cry room." The lighting install comprised of "indirect lighting, and a dozen can-type RGB lights on the platform." Overall, the lighting was installed at the church over a span of about three to four days, Bair added.

Among the more challenging aspects of the install, he noted, was coordinating the rerouting of cabling "throughout the whole structure, and the hanging of the speakers as well. Getting cabling up to the ceilings and to the back, took a little doing. Working around the old construction was a little bit of work."

In a church that typically has between 80 to 100 congregants on hand during Sunday services, Bair explained that the church was able to make their decisions on equipment without having to coordinate any A/B testing on-site. He noted the final selection largely was based "from experience with other installs in rooms of the same size that I've done." Specifically for the Hitachi WXGA projectors, he added, "We've used that same style of projector before, and have had excellent service out of it."

Among the beneficial features for the Hitachi projectors is their iOS connectivity, explained Bair, with each able to connect to an iPad or iPhone, courtesy of the free Projector Quick Connection app. In addition, the CP-WX40022WN projector offers 4,000 ANSI lumens in brightness, along with a 3,000:1 contrast ratio. The Hitachi projector also provides an average lamp life of about 3,000 hours in normal mode, and about 5,000 hours in eco-mode.

Since the new equipment was first installed a couple months ago, Bair indicated having heard positive feedback pertaining to the AVL changes made at the church.

"They now wish that they had done this a long time ago," he said. "They have talked about the clarity, particularly since it is making it easier for people with hearing issues to hear. And the (projection) screens are nice, big, bright and easy to see. With the new house lighting, it helps in that they can see their Bible well."

The church purchased their projectors online, along with their matching Da-Lite projection screens.

Even though the upgrades were part of a multi-faceted project, Bair said the work was done without the help of an integrator. "We've done it all, in trying to save on budget. We had some local help and we put it all in," Bair said.

In the weeks after the lighting, speaker, projector and projection screen install was completed, Bair noted that some additional work at the church was later completed, most notably associated with the installation of pews, and requiring the re-EQ'ing of the system in the space. The room had been previously balanced with folding chairs, amounting to significant differences in the sound reflections in the space. In addition, the church had to spend some time repositioning some of the house lighting to improve the overall lighting in the worship space.

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