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Jands StageCL

Jands StageCL

Many houses of worship have upgraded to modern LED lighting fixtures in order to produce any color without the need for filters. LED lights enable houses of worship to produce combinations of colors with just a few lights. When it comes to choosing a control console, however, most consoles either don't accommodate color control and intensity or their method of doing so is overly complicated.

The Jands StageCL was designed to provide a practical solution for controlling LED-based lighting systems. It provides all of the manual controls and automation a church needs to get the most out of its energy efficient LED fixtures while being easy enough that most any volunteer could run a service.

Each of Jands StageCL's 12 channels provides discrete HSI control with an encoder for hue, an encoder for saturation, and a fader for intensity. As you turn the hue and saturation encoders, an LED on each channel displays the created color.

Designed for LED fixtures, the StageCL is also suitable for conventional lights, which are often required for longer throw, front-light positions.

The StageCL features factory pre-loaded color patterns and chase presets, all which are accessible via the touchscreen.

Need to make a quick change on the fly? Users can simply tap the Snapshot button to save the look on a stage. This "holds" the look while controls are adjusted to create the next look. It then fades into that next look when the button is tapped again.

The StageCL's touch-screen display provides an interface for the patching of lights, monitoring playback, editing scenes, chases and cues, adjusting fade times, applying preset colors, and setting up the console preferences.

To record a sequence, users can adjust your lights, press the record button, and then press one of the Scene, Chase, or Cuelist buttons to store it. To play it back, users tap the button of where the sequence was stored. Playback speed and chase rate can be manually adjusted, along with the fade time and chase speed controls.

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