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Introducing a New Way to Achieve Great Sound from High Ceiling Areas

Introducing a New Way to Achieve Great Sound from High Ceiling Areas

OWI Inc. Mercury Pendant Speakers: Solution designed to distribute sound from above.

OWI, a recognized leader in commercial and business speaker technology, announces their newest Pendant Speaker, the Mercury.

Designed to distribute sound in areas with high ceilings like church sanctuaries, atriums and fitness and sport venues, the new Mercury line of speakers provide an easy way to produce quality sound efficiently, at a reasonable cost with minimum installation.

Mercury Speakers deliver 360 degree sound with 180 degree dispersion. These are hanging speakers that deliver more dynamic sound over a wider area with fewer speakers. They feature better coverage compared to in-ceiling and surface mount speakers. This makes more sense than installing a large number of wall speakers all around and trying to balance them for proper coverage.

Installed at twelve to fifteen feet high, sound coverage ranges from 1,735 to 3,117 sq ft. while at sixteen to twenty feet, sound coverage is from 3,739 to 6,504 sq. ft.  Mercury speakers are for indoor use and offer different tweeter/woofer/bass/mid-range speaker configurations. This means the speakers can be matched with the specific audio requirement. All Mercury speakers are available in 8 ohms and 70 volts selectable switch models.

They included an installation kit for easy speaker mounting. It’s safer for installers because less time is wasted on a ladder or lift, they don’t need to go back to their truck or a hardware store to get additional hardware and the instructions are easy to follow. Mercury Speakers are available in both black and white.

OWI Incorporated was founded in 1978 as a loudspeaker manufacturer. The company’s pioneering lines of outdoor/indoor, weatherized or weatherproof speakers are considered the industry standard. As a company, OWI is dedicated to research and development. This emphasis has led to an expanded product line of award-winning sophisticated audio equipment including amplifiers for AV integrators, commercial, industrial and residential markets.

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