Introducing Elation KL Fresnel Series of Warm-White Wash Lights

Mimic the warm glow output of traditional Tungsten halogen lights while surpassing them in output and efficiency.

Elation Professional is pleased to introduce the KL Fresnel series, a new line of warm-white LED Fresnel lights that provides the attractive warmth of tungsten halogen with all the benefits of LED.

Available in 50W, 150W and 350W models, a 3000K fixed color temperature and high color rendering capacity ideally mimic the warm glow output of traditional Tungsten halogen lights while surpassing them in output and efficiency.

The KL Fresnel series (KL for Key Light) has been designed to produce the warmer, natural key light that designers desire while providing high CRI's to make colors radiate, accurately reflecting an object's true color.

They project a superior quality of light and are an excellent choice for the wide variety of white light illumination needs required in broadcast, theatrical or stage environments from highlighting performers or scenery on stage to illuminating speakers.

The KL Fresnel 4 and 6 models house a manual zoom while the KL Fresnel 8 features a motorized zoom system. All models include removable barn doors and a filter frame.

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Common features
All KL Fresnel fixtures dim smoothly all the way to zero with smooth 16-bit selectable dimming curve modes included for programming ease. Gamma correction and LED refresh rate can be adjusted variably for flicker free operation for broadcast and film environments. Professional control options include DMX and RDM (Remote Device Management), and all fixtures can be controlled manually. All KL fixtures are outfitted with 5pin XLR and powerCON TRUE1 in/out connections while a 4-button / 2-rotary dial control panel and LCD menu display make for easy navigation. All units come with multiple-unit power linking to save on setup time and hassle, and are outfitted with a multi-voltage universal auto switching power supply.

The KL Fresnel series offers all the benefits of LED like greater reliability and less maintenance and consumes little power for a lower cost of ownership. With a long LED life rating, service intervals are few and far between.


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