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How to Work with Your Tech Person and Still be Friends

It takes two to maximize the gifts of the tech and worship team.

Dennis Choy, Pastor of Communication and Production at North Coast Church shares his perspective on the importance of coordination between a tech person and a pastor. He tells us how a communication gap can make things difficult for a pastor.  A tech person should be the helper and should be considerate of the pastor and worship people. But the same responsibility falls upon the worship guys; they need to have a friendly attitude towards the tech people keeping aside all the misconceptions and false beliefs.

A tech person and the worship people don't alway get along well. But for things to be done in a timely manner, both the people must be friends or else it'll create many differences.

Dennis Choy explains the differences between a pastor and a tech guy, and gives out the solution to overcome this problem.

Misconceptions about tech people

1. Tech people always say no
They don't say no, they just want some time to figure out how to work on your idea.
2. Tech people aren't creative
Tech people are creative but in the box, not outside of it.
3. Tech people don't like other people
They like people but they might be introverts. This means that they are shy and get nervous around people because they work for long hours alone on projects and are consumed within themselves.
4. Tech people know everything about tech
Tech is a vast field with many disciplines. A single tech person working in a church cannot know everything but what he can do is find out anything that he doesn't know of. They multitask in a church but people need to realize that a tech person specializes in a single field.

Truths about tech people

1. Tech people are better at doing things than teaching
Tech people know a lot of things and they know they can do it better and faster than others. They lack in empowering people or letting them learn something. Tech people need to empower people and encourage them to fix things on their own because there's a lot of work at the church and a tech person needs to train others to help him in times of need.
2. Tech people have the ability to handle a lot of stress
Tech people need to make immediate decisions and multitask every day, that's why they are used to handle tough situations.
3. Tech people explode under massive stress
Tech people tend to lean towards introversion, that's why they hold up too many things inside of them. They keep a lot of stress inside which can explode anytime. If anything goes wrong, even a little thing can be a trigger to the explosion.
4. Tech people thrive on solving problems
Tech people love challenges and like to solve problems. There are many problems that need to be solved in a church, but tech people jump from one problem to another trying to get to every one of them. This is a weakness which they need to overcome. Tech people can overcome it by working on a single problem at a time.

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Dennis Choy is a frequent speaker and teacher.   This article is an excerpt from a presentation made at WFX.   


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