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Global Truss GT-Plasma MT-12 Mount

As monitors get larger and more expensive, finding a secure way to mount them has become a priority. The GT-Plasma MT-12 Plasma and LCD TV Mount from Global Truss provides that security in a lightweight and convenient mount designed to let the video - not the equipment - be the star.

The heavy-duty, 2” diameter, meter-long brushed aluminum alloy bar is ideal for attaching any 42- to 50-inch plasma or LCD-screen TV to standard square truss. The bar’s light weight and simple mounting allow for quick set-up and easy transport, while rugged strength and secure attachment offer confidence that the monitor is safely attached to the truss.

The GT-Plasma MT-12 easily attaches to square truss with two Narrow Clamps; a monitor is held securely in place with two Mini 360 Clamps. All required clamps are included with the mount. The placement of the clamps completely hides the bar behind the monitor while in use, creating a smooth, uninterrupted visual appearance, allowing viewers to concentrate on the video content, rather than the monitor set up.

Like other Global Truss products, the GT-Plasma MT-12 is made from high-strength 6082-T6 extruded aluminum alloy - a material used by the aviation industry for aircraft construction.

“Because video monitors are being used more in displays, and are getting larger and more expensive, we wanted to develop a product that would provide our customers with a worry-free, secure mount that was easy to use, just like our truss” says Ken Kahn, national sales manager of Global Truss. “With the introduction of the GT-Plasma MT-12, our customers have just that - a video mounting solution that’s as reliable, convenient and easy to work with as our popular, dependable truss.”

Global Truss offers a complete line of square, triangular, I-Beam and circular truss in a variety of lengths, along with corners, cross, T-junctions and other accessories. The truss is made from 6082-T6 extruded aluminum alloy and utilizes Global Truss’ famous conical coupling system. Developed from “mouse key” technology used in oil rig structures, this unique connector adds to the overall strength of the truss by helping to maintain rigidity, particularly at key stress points. The conical coupling and genderless connectors offer greater versatility and more rigging options. One end of connecting hardware is included with each truss segment.

The MSRP of the GT-Plasma MT-12 Plasma and LCD TV Mount is $150.00

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