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First high-brightness laser phosphor projector for events from Barco

First high-brightness laser phosphor projector for events from Barco


Global projection technology leader Barco is expanding its successful HDF projector portfolio for large venues and events with a 3-chip DLP, 30,000-lumen model that offers WUXGA resolution with high image quality.

What's more, the powerful HDF-W30LP FLEX projector features a high-brightness laser phosphor light source that offers extremely long lifetime with a surprisingly low total cost of ownership.

Thanks to the unique laser phosphor retrofit module, customers who already own a Barco HDF-W30 FLEX projector can also benefit from laser technology.

The projector shares its lenses, very wide lens shift range, ease of use, and modularity with the other HDX and HDF models. The HDF-W30LP FLEX is ready to order and will begin shipping in Summer 2016.

"Today, customers are confronted with a myriad of technology choices.

We have been expanding our projector portfolio with high brightness and laser phosphor technology so that customers can make the right choice and add the latest technology to their inventory in a worry-free way,"

comments Carl Rijsbrack, vp events at Barco. "Thanks to its high brightness and laser phosphor light source, the HDF-W30LP FLEX projector enables rental companies and venues to provide stunning experiences while saving both time and money. In this way, customers can choose for the future today reaping benefits for many years to come."

Considerable cost-savings
Reducing operating costs by more than 50 percent compared to a lamp-based projector, the HDF-W30LP FLEX enables customers to increase uptime while driving installation, service and maintenance costs down. Thanks to its laser phosphor light source and advanced cooling design, this new projector provides up to 30,000 hours of maintenance-free operating time resulting in considerable cost-savings on maintenance and consumables. In addition to minimizing maintenance interventions, the projector also allows customers to reduce their expensive spare parts inventory.

Stunning images for large screens
HDF-W30LP FLEX Professionals in venue and event industries are looking for solutions that guarantee reliable performance, specifically in terms of brightness and color. The HDF-W30LP FLEX couples its laser phosphor light source with high light output, 3-chip DLP technology, and a high-contrast optical engine, to deliver sensational colors and stunning image quality that remains constant over time for long-term, worry-free operation. Plus, the projector is also equipped with Barco's cutting-edge Image PRO technology for remarkable scaling power.

HDF-W30LP FLEX Installation flexibility
Running in any orientation, the HDF-W30LP FLEX offers users flexibility in projector location. Its standard flexible brightness feature enables users to tune and lock their projector's light output to a specific application, from 10,000 to 30,000 lumens in incremental steps. The cooling unit can be positioned up to eight meters (26 feet) away from the projector, so it can be easily attached to a wall or mounted in a truss.

Retrofit available
Next to the brand-new HDF-W30LP FLEX projector, Barco is also unveiling a laser phosphor retrofit module. In this way, rental customers and venue owners can easily retrofit their existing Barco HDF-W30 FLEX projector by replacing the lamp house with a laser phosphor module.

Extending the industry-leading platform

Barco's HDX, HDF, and HDQ ranges are currently the most powerful projectors on the market for events, venues, theme parks, visitor attractions and projection mapping projects. These rugged projectors are proven to be fit for life on the road, and their modular design of only five building blocks makes them easy to install and service. And as the HDF-W30LP FLEX projector shares its peripherals such as TLD lenses, rental frames, and flight cases with the other Barco HDF projectors, investment is limited.

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