The EZ4 is a high-quality, 4.81mm pixel pitch LED video panel. Ideal for situations in which high-definition image quality is required.

MSRP $3,199.95

Elation's EZ4 is a high-quality, high-resolution 4.81mm pixel pitch LED video panel. Ideal for situations in which high-definition image quality is required, the EZ4 displays colors vividly and consistently for a clear and sharp picture, making it suited for the projection of text, lyrics, video, live IMAG, or any digital imagery.

The many advantages of the EZ4 over traditional projection include a brighter and more consistent visual image, space savings, lamp savings (the life of the LEDs is 50,000 hours, but running at 50 percent output will realize an even longer LED life performance) and lower temperatures.

Colors display vividly and consistently. A brightness level of 1,200 Nits means the EZ4 performs well even in high levels of ambient lighting. Ambient house and stage lighting or even typical sunlight will not wash out the EZ4's displayed image. Blackface LEDs ensure high contrast while a high density of 10,816 pixels (104 x 104) per panel ensures a clear and sharp picture.

Designed for indoor use, the EZ4 is lightweight yet sturdy. The panels are constructed of a die-cast aluminum frame with high-precision CNC machining techniques for a very precise, square panel that enables for a flat and seamless LED video wall construction.

The slim panels measure 19.7 inches by 19.7 inches by 2.9 inches. They are low-weight, at 22 pounds. The thin depth of the screen (2.9 inches) makes it useful for many existing church applications. Nearly as thin as a modern flat screen TV, the EZ4 can be placed where an existing video screen is located. If a church is presently using a rear projection screen, the space savings can be substantial.

A refresh rate of 1200Hz ensures flicker-free camera shots, even on the majority of today's high-definition cameras. This is especially crucial for those worship spaces that use both broadcast and IMAG video. The color consistency of the panels is so great that image transitions from panel to panel create a seamless and unified look. The fade of the LED pixels is stepless and 16-bit gray scale circuitry enables smooth fades and high detail even when displaying dark scenes or when screen brightness is turned down.

The EZ4's fan-less design uses convection cooling to dissipate heat effectively, and the lack of fans means low noise, less cleaning and greater reliability. Quick to assemble and disassemble, professional-grade features, like modular rigging, enable users to easily and flexibly rig or floor-mount the panels. Churches can use the panels in small configurations for additional staging elements or lace them together as one screen for live performances. The panels easily interconnect with the turn of a wrench and are simple to power- or data-connect with integrated Neutrik Powercon in/out for power link and Ethercon in/out for video signal.

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