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The Mega-Lite EvriColor is a fully customizable, color-changing LED fixture that tailors to the needs of houses of worship.


MSRP $$461 - $699 (depending upon options)

The Mega-Lite EvriColor is a fully customizable, color-changing LED fixture that tailors to the needs of houses of worship. Churches can customize the EvriColor by selecting the LED color, the beam angle, the body color, DMX connection and LED wattage. It features silent operation and is flicker free.

There are four LED color configurations from which to choose:

  • Eighteen tri (red, green and blue) three-watt LEDs.
  • Twelve quad (red, green, blue and white) 10-watt LEDs.
  • Twelve penta (red, green, blue, white and amber) 12-watt LEDs.
  • Seven quad (red, green, blue and white) 15-watt LEDs (BEAM).

The tri-color LEDs have optional 15-, 25-, 45-, or 60-degree lens angles. The quad and penta LEDs have optional 25- or 45-degree lens angles. The beam quad LEDs have an eight-degree lens angle.
Mega-Lite designed the EvriColor to be architecturally sound. It is completely silent so as not to distract from the sermon. At the same time, the UniColor can match virtually any church decor because the housing color is customizable, with over 200 color options.

Churches can concentrate the lighting as much or as little as they need by selecting from 15-, 25-, 45-, or 60-degree LED lens angles. Barn doors are also an available accessory.

The EvriColor has five-pin DMX connection with or without wireless DMX and optional three-pin connection also with or without wireless DMX. Churches can reduce wires and save costs by selecting their first fixture wireless and then daisy-chaining the signal to the rest of the fixtures. In other words, the EvriColor offers the flexibility of only getting wireless DMX where users need it and none where users do not.

The EvriColor offers a smooth, flicker-free dimming curve, making it camera-friendly for broadcasting and recording. It is controlled via DMX 512, using one or two channels for dimming and has on-board memory to create presets for intensity. This functionality eliminates the need for a costly external dimming system.

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