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Elite Screens’ Projection Screen Wins Best Video Product Award at WFX

Elite Screens, Inc. an innovative company that specializes in affordable, high-quality projector screens, announces that its StarBright Ultra-High Gain Projection Screen has won the WFX (Worship Facilities Conference & Expo) Best Video Products Award in the Projection Screens category.

“Elite Screens is committed to the worship market, and winning this award demonstrates that,” says David Rodgers, marketing manager, Elite Screens, Inc. “We’re very proud that WFX has chosen our new ultra-high gain projection screen for a Best Product Award.”

According to the company, The StarBright ultra-high gain front projection screen "delivers astonishing results. Its multi-layer design harnesses light intensity, then evenly distributes it into a bright and clear image with enhanced contrast and color reproduction. Its extremely high gain surface makes it ideal for church sanctuaries and instructional venues that have considerable ambient light."

Elite’s StarBright material is created using cutting-edge technology, starting with the advanced layer made of a highly reflective material that is evenly micro-textured to create a up to a 7-gain from projected light. This layer works with the outermost protective layer of material, the High Contrast Filter. This combination reduces ambient light, boosts black levels and eliminates hot spots to produce an even, diffused spread of light for a consistently bright image across the whole screen.

“Ambient light is the mortal enemy of front projection, and most projectors and projection screens create washed out images if the curtains are open or when the lights are on,” Rodgers adds. “Our StarBright material has a reflectivity that is so bright, and absorbs ambient light so effectively, that even lower-lumen projectors can create a fabulous image in either a dark or well-lit room.”

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