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DW Profile

DW Profile

The DW Profile from Elation Professional is a highly versatile luminaire.

MSRP $2,999.95

The DW Profile from Elation Professional is an excellent choice for the wide variety of variable white light illumination requirements in contemporary worship spaces. Capable of varying color temperature from 3,000K to 6,200K, the DW Profile can easily adjust from warm white tungsten to cool white daylight as the focus of the service, event or performance changes.

The DW Profile's soft, flicker-free output means it can operate with video cameras for image magnification (IMAG) during services as well as for broadcast. This makes it useful for highlighting performers or scenery on stage, illuminating speakers or emphasizing the altar, pulpit or other aspects of a worship space. It is capable of projecting an even and consistent look. It features a color-rendering index (CRI) of over 90, meaning color reproduction is extremely accurate.

Beam control via a zoom and further control via beam framing/shaping make the DW Profile a highly effective directional white light luminaire. It features a 17- to 27-degree manual zoom for beam angle choice. Its four-blade manual framing system enables the beam to be cut and shaped for highly accurate projections onto speakers, performers and set or architectural elements.

Powered by a 250W white LED engine, this pro-level product gives an output (8,400 lumens) that is brighter than white light fixtures of the past with an energy consumption (max power consumption of 300W) that is more efficient. It is powerful enough for use in even the largest churches and provides the brighter level of illumination needed for both video and broadcast purposes.

Not only can the DW Profile project high-quality white light, it also supports B-size glass, metal or HT transparency glass gobos for custom projections that complement a themed event or worship space's overall design.

The fixture can slowly and smoothly dim from off to full and back again without flicker or stepping. This eliminates the need for expensive and bulky dimmer racks. Full-range dimming is either manual or DMX-controllable, and a selection of variable dimming curves is provided. Strobe and strobe effects are also possible.

The DW Profile houses a low-noise cooling system for operation in noise-sensitive worship environments. The thermal management system keeps the LEDs cooler and outputting at their maximum brightness and helps to keep the overall temperature of the worship space lower on Sunday mornings or during packed events.

Operation of the DW Profile is simple via a four-button/three-dial control panel with easy-to-read LCD menu display. A host of features come standard, like DMX control, three- and five-pin XLR and powerCON in/out connections and auto-sensing power supply that enables the fixture to operate anywhere.

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