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dnp Supernova Front Projection Optical Technology

dnp, a leader in optical projection screen technology and innovation, will be demonstrating their patented Supernova optical front projection screen technology at the Worship Facilities Conference & Expo in Long Beach, California.

“Supernova front projection screens were developed to deliver high-contrast pictures in high ambient light environments,” says Senior US Executive Manfred Freiberger. “Our patented front projection optical technology is vastly superior to existing common diffusion screens. Supernova features an active high-contrast filter that allows the projected image to be reflected while effectively reflecting and absorbing ambient light. This results in an enhanced image that is two-times brighter, and provides up to seven-times higher contrast ratio than conventional screens. Supernova is the optimum screen solution for houses of worship.”

Supernova uses an active optical system that is made up of seven high-tech layers. The screen forms an optical sandwich designed to enhance the image for optimum viewing in high ambient light environments, such as found in houses of worship. Supernova actively reflects projected light from above while absorbing and filtering out ambient room light from the side. A special neutral black tint has been added to the screen material to produce deeper blacks, vivid colors and excellent neutral gray scale reproduction, even in brightly lit rooms. Supernova meets the image quality guidelines as set forth by the (ISF) Imaging Science Foundation.

Supernova offers a variety of screen options and sizes from the Supernova Infinity, which allows you to create a large-screen display of almost unlimited size, to the Supernova One for smaller spaces, and the motorized Supernova Flex that rolls up the screen at a touch of a button. The Supernova Mobile is ideal for situations where space is at a premium and where a permanent fixture is not desirable.

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