The DMS800 digital wireless microphone system offers everything needed for a reliable installation. With two digital outputs - for DANTETM and AES EBU, 512-bit encryption and interchangeable microphone heads for the handheld transmitter, it is a great choice for house of worship installations.

$2,899.99 (D5 Vocal Set)

The DMS800, reference digital wireless microphone system is designed to provide accurate signal transmission and reliability in theaters, houses of worship, conferences, live productions and tour sound applications. As a successor of DMS700 V2 it offers everything that made its predecessor an outstanding performer while adding features to deliver more versatility than ever before. The DMS800 provides two digital audio outputs, for DANTETM and AES EBU.

The design and mechanics of the DHT800 handheld transmitter have been improved and microphone heads are now exchangeable, so the customer is more flexible. It can be chosen between the AKG D5 WL1, D7 WL1 and C5 WL1. Additionally the mute switch of the transmitters can be set to work as power switch. An optional network remote control allows frequency coordination and monitoring of multichannel systems by PC software Audio Architect, Apple iPhone/iPad/iPod® or Soundcraft Vi consoles. The digital stationary two-channel receiver DSR800 provides an ultra-wide bandwidth of up to 150 MHz for reliable operation with the flexibility to meet the needs of a wide range of applications. It is designed to work with the versatile DHT800 handheld transmitter and the DPT800 bodypack transmitter, for line- and microphone signals. For enhanced flexibility, the DSR800 provides two digital audio outputs, for DANTETM and AES EBU. The receiver finds interference-free channels and synchronizes the corresponding setup data to the transmitter via infrared signal. The environment scan converts the DSR800 into a spectrum analyzer, scanning the receiver’s frequency band for active radio frequencies and displaying the spectrum.

The digital wireless handheld transmitter DHT800 features a robust and slim metal body for durability and easy handling. It offers a new level of flexibility with interchangeable microphone heads, users can choose from among the AKG D5 WL1, D7 WL1 or the C5 WL1. The DHT800 provides a selectable radio output power of 10-50mW (depending on frequency band). A built-in helix antenna ensures reliable wireless audio transmission, while state-of-the-art 512-bit encryption technology secures the audio signal against tapping. For additional flexibility, the mute switch can be set to operate as the power switch.

The digital wireless body-pack transmitter DPT800 provides a selectable radio output power of 10- 50mW (depending on frequency band) as does the DHT800. For convenience and versatility, the transmitter can be programmed remotely via infrared data transmission from the DSR800 receiver, and signal security is ensured through the use of 512-bit encryption technology. The DPT800 features an optional external mute/power switch that allows muting and on/off operation even when the transmitter is hard to access. The three-pin mini XLR audio input is compatible with any AKG lavalier and head-worn microphone and provides a bias voltage of 5 V. Now with DANTETM connectivity on board and the option to switch between different acoustics, according to the speaker’s or singer’s preferences, by changing the microphone head on the handheld transmitter, DMS800 is a great choice for house of worship installations.

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