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Digital Projection Mercator III Warp and Blend Technology System

Digital Projection International, an Emmy Award-winning manufacturer of high-performance projection systems, now offers an advanced Warp and Blend system to complement their full range of precision displays. Developed through a partnership with the simulation experts at RockWell Collins, the Mercator III represents precise, low latency image warp and blend technology.

Offered for the first time on the company’s recent Commercial AV pricing update, the Mercator III is a modular, rack mounted solution that can be ordered in standard configurations to support from 2-16 display channels. Applications with more than 16 channels can also be addressed on a custom quotation basis.

The benefits of the Mercator system include:

• Precise Warp, capable of supporting nearly all surface geometries.

• Extensive blend capabilities, including gamma fine-tuning and black level offset in non-blend areas.

• Color shading, color matrixing and primary color correction on a per-channel or global basis.

• Extremely low latency, even with more extreme warp values.

• Intuitive user interface and mapping tools aid in the alignment of complex multi-channel systems.

• Supports source formats from 50 – 140 Hz and up to 1920 x 1080 pixels (165 MHz maximum pixel clock).

• Component design allows users to share the Mercator’s warp and blend capabilities across many projectors.

• Rack mount configuration for simple troubleshooting and rapid service.

• Pre-configured “standard” multi-channel packages make specifying and pricing the Mercator III straightforward.

•Competitively priced.

• Delivered with Digital Projection’s application support and service.

Digital Projection will demonstrate the Mercator III at trade shows throughout 2009, but if you have a current warp / blend project and would like more immediate information, please contact your Digital Projection Regional Manager by clicking here.

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