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Digital Mixer

Digital Mixer

Qu-16 is a compact, 19-inch rack-mountable digital mixer. Inheriting technology from the GLD and iLive digital mixing systems (both of which are popular choices for houses of worship), the Qu-16 features total recall of settings 17 motorized faders and digitally controlled preamps an intuitive touchscreen, Qu-Drive-integrated multi-track recorder, dSNAKE for remote I/O and personal monitoring, multi-channel USB streaming to Mac, Qu-Pad control app, and iLive's FX library.

Qu-16 features 16 mic/line inputs, three stereo inputs, four FX engines with dedicated stereo returns, 14 mixes, 12 mix processing channels, patchable AES digital output with a 2-channel ALT output, dedicated Talkback input, and two-track output.

The Qu-16 offers the ability to save and recall settings, including fader position and preamp gain. Motorized faders provide total recall of mix levels.

Qu-16's interface is designed for intuitive operation. A high-resolution color touchscreen provides access to channel processing, FX, and setup and system management controls. There is also a SuperStrip of knobs for hands-on control of a selected channel's key processing parameters, such as gain, HPF, parametric EQ, gate threshold, compressor threshold, and pan.

Qu-Drive, the mixer's integrated USB recorder, makes it easier for houses of worship to make music or services available online or on CD. Qu-Drive works with an external USB drive and can record and playback multi-track and stereo audio .wav files without the hassle of adjusting DAW or driver settings.

Allen & Heath's proprietary dSNAKE low-latency audio connection enables the mixer to connect over a single 120m Cat5 digital snake to a remote audio rack and is also compatible with Allen & Heath's ME personal mixing system. The ME system enables musicians to control monitor headphones, which in turn enables the engineer to concentrate on the auditorium sound and increasing intelligibility by cutting onstage noise from wedge monitors.

Other useful tools include an integrated RTA spectrum analyzer to detect and prevent feedback noises on stage and a free QuPad iPad app for instant wireless control of the mixer's key parameters and settings.

Qu-16 also contains sixteen AnaLOGIQ total recall pad-less preamps, optimized for transparency and low-harmonic distortion. The Qu-16 is also equipped with many of the iLive pro touring series' FX emulations, used by engineers in place of top-end plug-ins and external FX units.

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