Cylinder Series 195W High Ceiling LED Luminaire

The Cylinder Series 195W leads in the high ceiling category with highly efficient 109 lumens per watt (19,040 lumens at 5700K). Low-profile aesthetic can be incorporated into any design. Ideal for new and retrofit architectural applications such as churches, theaters, airports, and convention centers.

Designed for church and theater applications, the Cylinder Series focuses on providing the smoothest dimming curve. To achieve the ideal DMX dimming curve, METEOR has increased resolution to 16-bit and number of steps from 256 to 4096. The space between steps has been adjusted at different intervals so the dimming effects mimic incandescent dimming. The Cylinder Series also incorporates Remote Device Management (RDM) which allows for bi-directional communication between lighting and system controller, making it more convenient for the customer to configure and make adjustments in architectural and stage lighting. METEOR’s proprietary flicker-free VX DMX is also optimized for digital recording and broadcasting ensuring recorded images are unaffected by distracting lines that usually appear as a result of shutter speed and frame rate which captures high frequency pulses of light from traditional light sources (fluorescent, incandescent).  Engineered with Philips Lumileds and 12 light engines, Cylinder Series achieves high performance, energy savings and sustainability for smart lighting control. Utilizing efficient components and thermal management, the fixture has a lifespan greater than 60,000 hours (L70). Fixture delivers high lumen 17,810 at 5700k with high efficacy ensuring short payback period in less than a year.  The low-profile Cylinder Series has been installed in over 30 churches nationwide and specified into over 50 church projects. Since its introduction, the Cylinder Series has also been installed in a wide variety of educational and commercial applications. Suited for new construction and retrofit applications ranging from theaters, airports, churches, convention centers, multi-functional spaces, and more.

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