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Curve universal in-ear monitors are a perfect fit. For everyone.

Curve universal in-ear monitors are a perfect fit. For everyone.

High quality sound and the professional features of a custom monitor are now more accessible in this universal in-ear monitor.

The Curve universal in-ear monitor by Alclair Audio is for those who value the high quality sound and professional features of custom monitors in a more accessible, universal package. The Curve is a fantastic upgrade to consumer ear-buds and a great first step into the world of in-ear monitors. Hand assembled in Minnesota, the unique shape of the Curve universal in-ear monitor fits nearly every ear. "We designed the Curve to be as close as we could to a custom monitor. It fits comfortably and snugly like a custom so you can be assured it won't fall out on stage," says Marc Musselman, Alclair's founder and lead designer.

Alclair's Curve features a two-way dual driver design. This delivers crisp highs and snappy mids well suited to vocalists, keyboard players, and guitarists. The Curve also features one of the largest woofers available in a universal monitor, so while the mids and highs are clear and articulate, bass players and drummers will get the punch and rumble they need from a robust low end.

With replaceable cables and included case, the Alclair Curve is an outstanding value. If you are looking for your first pair of in-ear monitors, an upgrade to your daily headphones, or even a backup to your custom ears, Curve is a perfect fit.  The Curve universal in-ear monitor is available now for a special introductory price at www.alclair.com.

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